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Acristavus, the Non-Crested Grandfather

This is Acristavus , the Non-Crested Grandfather of Hadrosaurs.

Acristavus gagslarsoni was a Hadrosaurinae Hadrosauridae from the late Cretaceous of North America. It was unique in one retrospect, unlike most of its relatives it lacked a crest( hints its name). Except for members of the Hadrosaurine tribe "Edmontosaurini", it was the only true Hadrosaur that lacked ornimentation on its skull. Its generic name means "non-crested Grandfather" and its specific name is in honor of the ranch owner, Gag Larson, which his children donated the fossils to a nearby Museum.

Its fossils have been found in the Two medicine Formation and Wahweap Formation during the early Campanian stage( 79 ma). The locations of the fossils( Montana and Utah) were hundreds of miles apart suggesting that Acristavus had a much longer home range than its decendents. Very interesting this Hadrosaur represents a new look on Hadrosaur Evolution on head ornimentation. For more information go here [link]

This is the first on DA and in the history of Paleoart. I may do a full picture, possibly.

Please comment if you're in the mood :nod:
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Pretty much the same as the Running Scared drawing. My only gripe with Acristavus itself is the posture of the right foot. It looks as if it's not yet/no longer in full contact with the ground, which is unlikely taking the position of the left leg into account. Idk if hadrosaurids/saurolophids could straighten out their necks to this degree, but I would be surprised if they could not. The pattern looks very cool. If the sheet of paper housing this thing still exists, give it a bit of a more three-dimensional-looking pencil overhaul - the shading is present already, but only hinted at - and please do upload it, because I want to see it :)
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Thanks and I might do a full version ,one depicting Acristavus in a natural environment.
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This one really came out well! Good job! ;)
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I like the pose too. And nice work with the bulky shape! Is nice to see non nearly-starved-to-death duckbills.

Just an advice, I don´t think the scapula should be visible here. It should be covered by thick muscle so the shoulder area was probably kind of flat looking (except maybe for some vertical wrinkles found in an hadrosaur mummy, but that doesnt mean all duckbills had it after all).
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Thanks and yeah I'll keep that in mind !
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Wonderful!! I love the pose. And we need more hadrosaurs!
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Thanks, and yeah I agree..;)
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