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Thanks M.A. Larson Animated Gif

Poor Shining Armor. Surrounded by royalty. When does he get his wings so he can be a princess, too? Huh? ;)

Don't take this seriously. It's just a joke based on the idea in this forum thread: [link]

I had fun creating it, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Oops! Almost forgot the credits.

Cadance and Shining Kissing (Normal Version) - by 90Sigma

Happy Cadence Redux - by DraikJack

Shining Armor - Oh this is Bad. - by Firestorm-CAN

Princess Celestia Vector - by Fehlung

Twilight Sparkle princess vector - by DimetraPaywer

Princess Twilight Sparkle - by CaNoN-lb
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A kiss on the hoof. Giggle Aww 
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He's a prince, since he's married to a princess. CX
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Princess Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Cadence Princess Celestia Icon Profile princess twilight sparkle icon 
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:iconprincesstwilightplz: "Err, B.B.B.F.F., hoof-kissing is REALLY not necessary in my case... >.>"
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Larson.....I HATE YOU!!
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Weel, Princesses sell well among the Target Demographic. 
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This is why Blueblood is cooler than you
He should look on Bright Side, he married princess of Love herself, I bet every stallion in the world would want to be in his place, what's more when he failed as Capitan of Royal Guard and his Wedding was almost ruined by changeling invasion, his sister player Major role in saving his Wedding, letting Shinnig Armor and Cadance to play heroes who saved entire Canterlot ( Mane 6 cure Nightmare Moon, save a princess, no one remember it, they stop discord from spreading chaos in Entire Equestria, no one recognize them, Twilight help to save royal wedding, every pony in Canterlot see Shinning Armor and Cadance as heroes ).
Whats more when Crystal Empire return, Shinning Armor sister with Spike help literally save it for him, yea, his sister saved his marriage and Empire for him, and now Shinning Armor have fame, Empire, princess as Wife and probably position of an Emperor.
Why Shinning Armor would even need wings, even as Unicorn he can create shield on Alicorn level, he become prince or emperor by marriage, I think he got enough.
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Don't take it too seriously. It's just a joke.
I know, but even on jokes I sometime leave long reply.
I guess it is the result of not liking Shinning Armor as character to much, he from no where start as all powerful Unicorn who gets everything on silver plate, from Canterlot Wedding I like Cadance much more, she is more balanced and yet still useful.
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Ten obrazek jest... dziwny...
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Sucks to be you Shining Armour,stay tough my friend.
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You're right, it should be his turn next!
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"When does he get his wings so he can be a princess, too?"

Gameloft is our best bet so far. Albeit a costly one. =D
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The more I see of that game, the more I'm glad I don't have a smart phone.
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It's quite nice in general... once you're a cheater, a billionaire or an immortal XDDDD
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Shiny would look badass as an alicorn. :iconlikeabossmemeplz:
He is already to powerful as Unicorn and his sister saved his marriage for him and saved Empire for him, so yea, Shinning Armor got Prince or Emperor position and best Wife in the world on a silver plate, there is no need to make him Alicorn.
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Looks like Shining is a hoof fetishist.
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