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This idea came to me when I was watching "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies", and Fluttershy just starts talking in Breezie like it was nothing for her, and remarks that she speaks many different animal languages. (She really is the best pony.) :) So I wondered, can any pony compete with her? What languages do the other ponies know? Originally I was going to have this be a "Who's the best pony?" kind of thing, but decided to just turn it into a less contentious Q&A interview, instead.

2015-02-28 - Changed what Twilight says so it's less confusing.


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Rainbow Dash knows that she's awesome by Fehlung. :iconfehlung:…

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Hey, aren't you the guy who did "Do Ponies Use Toilets?"? XD
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Sorry, no. I've never actually heard of that one before.
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Oh well, I'll look for it elsewhere.
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Hmm.. I'd have to go with Fluttershy.. all those tweets, growls and beaver talk has to add up...
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Hhe, love this.
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twlight reaction is the best
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TY for sharing.
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I'm glad you liked that one. Most people don't seem to get it.
It always worries me, but does anyone remember that "Unicorn, Spiral, Horshoe" language from the book at the start of the first episode?  It told the legend of the two sisters, how Nghtmare Moon was created before Twilight ran to the library and Spike said it was just an old pony's tale and the Princess Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville to "make some friends."  Was that the ancient language of ponies, or is that what all the books are supposed to be like in Equestria?
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Typically they don't show what's printed in the books in the show because they want to avoid that very problem. If they ever showed English, or some other language, then it would look strange when the show was dubbed into another language for other countries.

The book you mention didn't actually have any printing in it at all, except for the "Once Upon a Time," and was just pictures. (I checked.) There's a book in the second episode, as Twilight is explaining the Elements to the rest of the Mane 6, that does show printing inside, but it's all just symbols like lightning bolts, horse shoes, stars, and such. I think they just did that to indicate that it was different than what we're used to, but I don't think it's actually "official". It was just convenient. All of the times I can remember anypony writing anything, it's always just cartoon scribbles.
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The book that Twilight gave Rainbow Dash was in English so it could be some other lingo going around...
Which sends a weird message considering Twilight's love of reading. 

Thanks for the correction, I tend to lump together the two part episodes. 
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Ha ha, funny that you put Trixie in here!
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I recon pinkei cold speak more langague out of all the ponies
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Pinkie Pie clearly speaks Spanish, she already confirmed it in Pinkie Pride.
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Good point! Maybe I'll add that. Of course, we don't know if she actually speaks Spanish, or just knows a few songs, but we should probably assume she can speak it.
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Funny thing is that her coat color is known in Spanish as Rosa Mexicano: Mexican Pink.
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