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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Wallpaper

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Привет. Можно ли использовать данный арт на превью для моих стримов? Еле как нашёл первоисточник, что-бы спросить :-)
С меня - указание под стримом авторства и линк на твой профиль.
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Привет. Можешь, конечно. Тем более что арты не мои, их автор YamaOrce. Поэтому даже если не разместишь линк, то я не обижусь
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Amazing work!
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Ragdoll-InkHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome :)
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vengefulghostHobbyist General Artist
Wow amazing work!
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This is beautiful! I like how you put "their colors" around them! <3
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Thank you for the wallpaper - Yama Orce is such talented artist
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This'd be great if I could get it without Yennefer.
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Why? Yennefer is main Witcher character...she belongs especially next to Ciri.
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Disagree. Triss is the main LI, and co-star, throughout all 3 games. 

Next to Ciri? Hell no, she manipulates and uses the poor girl. 

The idea of Yennefer even playing a game of Gwent is a joke, she'd probably view it as beneath her, she's such arrogant, joyless cow.

The other two I can see playing it, they're fun, playful, kind and so much a like. Triss, Ciri and Geralt are like three of a kind. :) 
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Well it is only your opinion (thank god). Yennefer is main character in the whole saga (8 Witcher books and TW3 game) she is valid romance option in TW3 and she loves Ciri as her daughter. Ciri even wanted to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg daughter of Yennefer at the end of the saga. She never manipulated and used Ciri. Actually  - Triss was the one who did it if you would know the lore. Triss manipulated even Geralt in the first two games, yet that totally ok, right? ;)

Triss never was part of the Witcher family - Yennefer, Ciri and Geralt are trinity bound by destiny. You hate Yennefer ok it is your opinion but don't say that Yennefer should be removed from the artwork...she is huge part of the Witcher world the same as Ciri (which wasn't apparent in the first two games too).
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Yeah, these aren't the books (thank god). 

*rolls eyes* Christ, book fans...

I could burn you on every one of those points, but I'm not turning this person's comment thread about their artwork into some sort of Triss/Yen war. I answered your questions, that were about the artwork, that was the extent of it. You're not willing to show the same decorum, that's fine.
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true Witcher fans wouldn't ask for removal of a character form an artwork only because you hate said character so much. if you like it or not Yennefer is part of TW3 and Gwent game
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"True Witcher fans", Jesus Christ, aren't you conceited.

I didn't ask she be removed. I said it'd be great if there was a version with her not in it, which is my opinion. She had her place in the games, but my appreciation for this wallpaper would be greater if such a horrid character wasn't in it.

Besides that, Frampos did a great job with wallpaper, seamlessly combining the three original artworks.
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why are you so aggresive then? Yennefer isn't horrid character she is amazingly written and complex even in games she isn't evil. I really don't understand fans like you sorry...
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