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s04 . kerygma by framesofreality s04 . kerygma by framesofreality
fourth pack, 30 presets etc. etc.
hope you'll like it.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-01-02
There's a new generation rising in the world of AVS. s04 . kerygma by *framesofreality is an excellent example of this. The pack includes 30 presets and sports many original styles. ( Featured by yathosho )
KiKi34797 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
MEANINGLESSexistance Featured By Owner May 4, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
evvax cought me off guard.... nice one.
hybridizyn is the shit .
knistoan has a very cool style to it. i think of some sort of crazy psychedelic printed pattern or something... or something... yeah.
divisions screams framesofreality. very you.

some slowness and relatively low beat responsiveness.... but (a year and a half later) still great.
TomyLobo Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2005
ozmarat: nice, looks like a marble floor
bloodplot: so fucking plastic :) i love it
hybridization: nice colors
tome001 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
Na ez egy egész jó kis kép.
Sok sikert a további munkádhoz.
Üdv: Hajas
zen-x Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2005
Uber cool pack. Sorry I haven't commented on more of your stuff but, I've got to say this is my favourate avs pack at the moment; I love your dirty psychodelic style, '-volcha-' is a wicked example of this.
'kniston'/'monument' are also really smooth examples of presets that could have turned out all to familiar but you've added your own unique twist to.

Don't like them all but if I did you would have failed in making a great pack ;).


RustedStrings Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005  Professional Photographer
Makes Counter Strike 1.6 quit right away after start up.
Kiyama Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005   Traditional Artist
That's amazing. ^o^
DedEmoBoy Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
wow, very nice!
Eihwaz0 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
That's utterly awesome. Light orange and black go together oh SO well. ^_^ *fav'd*
gadgetgirl16 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
wow....that looks so cool!
Bateri Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
they're all amazing but 9, 10, 12, 15, 22, 29, and the intro/outro's

i love this preset, thank you so much.....:cries:
shanesemler Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I don't download AVS presets very often but this is a cool set. I especially like the Intro. :)
moradam Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005   Photographer
good work
relonic Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005   Digital Artist
great stuff =]
LinogeNL Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005  Professional Photographer
impressive, but a bit to much light for my tast. But I have to admit, a very well done picture :nod: Keep up the good work :D
yathosho Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
it's not a picture, it's a set of audio-visualizations for winamp 5
LinogeNL Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005  Professional Photographer
I still look at it as a picture anyway ;) but I admit, its well done work :nod:
duo Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
Some fine presets here, congrats :)
The-Blesser Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
Really like this =)
tiberiumguy Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
I have to say I'm impressed.
Unfortunately, many of the presets didn't really "click" with me (nothing bad, I just prefer simple & trippy presets over the complexity of a lot of the presets)
Nonetheless, a very impressive pack (soul searching sun & volcha are favorites).
JjcL237 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
Fantastic. :+fav: Everything was just so darkly laced and mesmerizing. It's something like a darker and a wilder side of *zamuz. So I guess I should start worshipping you now cause I thought I could color well, until I saw this. :worship: I need to achieve your skill.

This pack is very well done, from the baking to the icing. I mean, you see tons of flow presets. But when you look at the flow presets *framesofreality does, it's not just flow presets anymore. This guy will mix everything up.

I'll be watching.
psyko45 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2004
absolutly awesome...fav for sure
vanish Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2004
here we go again ;)

01 - intro - good effect, i like this flashing, but i would remove this "-2;1;1;1;1;1" convo, and replaced it with blured convo. fav #1
02 - soul searching sun - this is nice, but zamuz done it before, so i don't see a point.
03 - reflections - nice combination of brokenframe and flow.
04 - leian - ummm... let's go ahead
05 - naxius - indeed good idea, but it's still unfinished imo (some manipulations with convo and colormap would give it the final looking)
06 - rys nnv - one more time let's go ahead
07 - avellx - i don't like it... slow and uninteresting
08 - ozmarat - flowwww... good preset indeed. fav #2
09 - z-kx 444 - i saw much better b/w combination than this... pointless imo
10 - monument - insane liquid colors, i would add some colors tho, but who gives a fuck. fav#3
11 - exoniemetry - common looking preset :|
12 - minimal v2 - nice colors, but preset is kinda empty imo.
13 - divisions - stereotypical, but still nice as well
14 - don't want to shit around comment, so just fav#4
15 - simple conception -> pointless preset
16 - escarte - great colors. fav#5
17 - journey v2 - sorry, but i hate this.
18 - picasso deluxe - saw before, don't like this.
19 - cherry - great color, so yummy. fav#5
20 - gloizm - nice resurrection of wolt's preset
21 - niv ekx - lol @ comment
22 - knistoan - nice neons, but i don't really like this preset.
23 - qouendo - yah, it's far from your style, and that why it is great :lol:
24 - plots - nice, but duo did use this effect before
25 - hybridization - i can say nothing but nice
26 - evvax - just dunno...
27 - evvax (version) - yes, sightly better than first one... some bonus colors would be nice (again)
28 - dores - /me surprisely like it. fav#6
29 - irracional - :|:|:|
30 - life is cruel - let's go ahead once again :P
31 - volcha - good colors, with some good movement instead of "d=-d" it would be my fav#...
32 - outro - i would kill someone for this ourto, my fav#7
________________________________________ __
overall this pack is much better than s03, but still kinda unfinished... well, good luck with the next one, and thanks for that comment in outro, it makes me :blush:
vanish Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2004
btw, what the fuck happened with blush emoticon :P ???
dummyddd Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2004
Great pack, most of theese presets are real amazing, and the pack was nice and long.
I like the colors used and the presets as a whole, although some of the presets looks just a bit much like stuff, I've seen before.
My favorite would have to be blodplot, I really like how something simple can look that cool, I also loved irractional.
However there were a few preset (divisions, journey v. 2 & picasso deluxe) that seemed to drag the standard of this pack down some.

All in all, this is a great pack. :+fav:
synth-c Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004
A very original and refreshing pack, I can only compare it to Horse-Fly's stuff, and thats a good thing.
My favorites are exoniemetrie, reflections and cherry.
WotL Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004  Hobbyist
can't... pull... eyes... from... screen... [pop] AAAaah!!!!! that hurt.

wow.. amazing

As always I love your artistic work

minimal v2

small minors:
Picasso deluxe: too hyperactive IMO
knistoan: preset is nice, but too it flow too fast IMO

thanks for the remix, if you'd still can call it that
nemoorange Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004
Lots of super-cool presets here. I like how you really developed your own style. This is obviously a frames pack. If anything, you had too many presets, I think anything over 20 might be a bit much. Good to see someone keeping with the older-style of presets, I liked divisions among others. Excellent work.
framesofreality Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004
yep, i know that, but it's so hard to cut down those poor presets :)
pak-9 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2004
Mmmm, impressive, I didnt expect another pack so soon after s03 but this is quality work none the less. this oldskool very-stylish style is very popular at the moment and this is a fine example of such work. Thumbs up!
amphirion Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
loved your small little ep, this pack though is just amazing...keep up the good work!
shock-value Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
Amazing work! EXTREMELY original and smooth. This (IMO) is up there with some of the great packs that have come out of the AVS community--and more people definitely need to see it.
shock-value Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
Almost forgot, :+fav: for sure. Again, nice work!
VanDerPhunck Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
Overall a great pack. I especially enjoyed bloodplot & niv ekx. I agree with skupers on the amount of flow presets could have been less.
Hboy Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
purely inspirating pack. the intro is really great (plus I have to love it because of the dejavu from my latest :)). really amazing presets, every one is loaded with so much stuff that your eye simply pops out onto the screen and enjoys the view. z-k-x 444: hell yes I do. i wont mention all preset opinions, just the ones I really think it is important. bloodspot is a hell of a preset, but maybe it is a bit too dark. othervise I love it. journey v2 is amazing in fullscreen mode when in a dark room!!!! and yes i like picasso deluxe also this time :) knistoan is gorgeous. amazing to see mirrored stuff with so much variation and movement. quoendo is simply a favourite. plots really reminds me on one of my earlier presets, but you made a much better job recreating the idea :) and surely, a jawdropping outro.

so, all in all: :+fav:
Denkensiefursich Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
This pack is fucking amazing. My outright favorite had to be Divisions. It's just pure beauty. My other favorites were Reflections, Rys Nnv, Bloodplot, Escarte, Journey, Picasso Deluxe, Gloizm, Quoendo, Plots, Hybridization, Dores, and Irracional. And of course the intro was great, I loved the concept of it. I could tell right away where the inspiration came from. The Fragile was a beautiful compilation, and now I can't wait for the new album next year! We have very similar tastes in music, so I can feel how the presets came together when listening to the songs you put in the comment. Overall, the pack was just great. It's definitely one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!
skupers Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
There are some very nice presets in this pack and also a few I didn't like. The presets that I liked most are Soul Searching Sun (nice colours), Naixus, Divisions (with its grungy look), Bloodplot, Gloizm and Niv Ekx. I think you put in a bit too much flow presets, but then again, it is your pack and you can decide what to put in it. Anyway, I enjoyed the pack and look forward to seeing more of your work.
mysterious-w Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
Favourite, favourite, favourite. Proves that technical skill is nothing compared to artistic vision.
framesofreality Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
you forgot to push the button ;)
Acid666 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
Awesome. Everything from the intro to outro ruled.

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