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it's been a long time...
so after a crazy year, and lots of delays here it is. half old classics (revamped sometimes and with some new ones thrown in) half new remixes (from such artists as nemo, yath, paranoya, micro d etc.), 77 presets as a whole.

what is this? [link]

what does it look like? [link]

how can i install? [link]
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i did it clean, but i'll take that as a compliment :)
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do freakin awesome
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Oh so sweet,when i saw this i waz like wow,just wow
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Cripes, that's a lot of presets. Definitely checking this out.
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sweet. almost makes me dizzy. <3 <3 very kool with a K!
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daily deviation for this horror ??
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have you downloaded the presets?
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Very beautiful piece of work.
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Wow, cool and really intense^^
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i'd like to be in there, but anyways.

i like the 99% of this pack

great job!
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i probably remixed something from you too, it just didn't make the cut.
look for it in the next outtakes pack
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so, i already logged out of deviantart and didn't want to come back, but i guess you kinda deserve a comment on this one (despite not commenting on final cut - *wink*)

venmia - once again in my selection of favourites, for obvious reasons i think
taste yr new traquiliser - beautiful colors and nice edges
under the lavender skies - is still my all-time favourite framey preset, but i got to say i stick to the original version
anger she smiles - like this much better than the version i saw in vc018, this feels finished (nice colours!)
visques - not entirely in love with this, but the colours are nice and warm
blood vs. milk - another all-time favourite

sed volk chendh 2.0 - love/hate relationship towards this one
mind theft - same as above, i can guess it looks better in lo-res
izometrica - my favourite of the remixes, minus the colormap change
spi kla ndel - second favourite
cup of butter - i actually like this, but i prefer it without the last convo

btw, that dynamic duo preset is actually called delirium 2 - the first one was a yathosho preset from waaaay back
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