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Reverse Macro Tutorial

Reverse Macro

Some people have never even heard about this technique. Others know what it is, but don't know how to do it. I made this tutorial this afternoon in hopes to answer any questions.

Hope it helps! :boogie:

For maximum magnification, use your minimum focal length (i.e. 18mm, if your lens is 18-55mm). Incredible results!
You can also pick up something called a "reversin ring" to make shooting a whole lot easier! Basically a filter that screws onto the end of your lens and allows you to mount it to your camera body [link] Super cheap and it makes things much easier :)
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Does this work with a Nikon D40X?
ciupi03's avatar
For my canon it doesn't work :( it looks blurry like i have no lense on..
Am i doing something wrong?
elminino's avatar
great, I'm going to try this, thanks.
SerenityStyles's avatar
awesome advice, imma try it out!!
The reversing ring works perfectly with more stable depth of field results.
Good work!
i-Kami's avatar
It doesn't work for me unfortunately :(
DionysusPSI's avatar
Thanks! I've heard of the technique in the past but never knew how it was actually done. I've gotta give that a try when I have a chance!
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This is great!! Thanks!
Framed - What does the magic bonus do on the Canon Rebel? Does it lock in the F8 setting on the lens? Or in the camera body?

I use Nikon in manual mode and set the aperture directly on the front lens. However, the F16 and above settings will start to minimize the image size considerably. (great DOF though).
Another trick is to reverse two lenses together. The way to do this is simple as well. You can buy a kit or make your own.

To make your own: Get a screw on filter holder (with a flat flange that is parallel to the plane of the lens glass) for both lens you want to reverse onto each other. Drill matching holes in each, and bolt them together. One lens is attached to the camera body as normal, the other lens gets reversed when you screw it onto the mated filter holders. You now have an easy to use, very cheap lens reversal kit.

As FramedbyNature stated, stacking lenses gets interesting, but if you know aperture and shutter speed relations, it is easy to figure out.

If you use a quality glass telephoto attached to the camera body (I use a 70-210 nikkor), it acts as a bellows.
dagia4all's avatar
Man that bonus tip is KILLER.Seriously its too good.
Although i have been using reverse lens technique for a long time.I never had that idea.
But one thing before that I just want to conform will it not damage my lens aperture or other capabilities after i fix it as usual?
annamnt's avatar
Yep, cool stuff ! I'm doing this alot lately/
SieraSelene's avatar
you're a genius!! :D
Calcifield's avatar
That's awsome!
Hikari147's avatar
Thanks a lot! :dance:
fraustuermer's avatar
Thank you for the bonus tricks! I already know this macro trick, but the extra things you said not. (:
rotten-vermillion's avatar
thanks for the tutorial, knew that before, never knew about the button

for Nikon users:
don't forget to change aperture on your lenses when taking them off the camera. when you normally attach lenses you put the minimum (like f22) aperture because you control it through the camera, but once the lens is taken off camera can't affect it so you have to turn the ring back to the maximum (like f1.5 or whatever is you lens' max) and then take a macro shot
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So, how does the lens stop down to the aperture you set, if the electrical connections aren't connected to the camera? If it's not connected then changing the aperture on the camera body won't do anything to the lens.
KhaosTheory455's avatar
Its pretty hard to hel the lens and the Dof buttom at the same time.We need to use manual.Learn the numbers and stay very stable right usually a tripod helps.Right?
To0dles's avatar
brilliant yo!
hsingh9143's avatar

A lot harder than it looks lol but its a lot of fun too :)
GypsyCoyote's avatar
Is there any safe way to keep the lens mounted on the body? I shake like no tomorrow, and every picture I have taken has turned out blurry. :( Love the tutorial, very informative! Great technique, just wish it was more stable :D
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