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Invitation to Spring

Most chasers look forward to massive updrafts, huge, looming supercells, and tornadoes. To be honest, I'm not really sure I can call myself a chaser. I've gone on chases, assisting mainly with navigation, but I've never actually driven after a storm on my own. That should change this spring. It's not the giant storms that I look forward to, it's the little ones like this. Tiny little unique storms that nobody else is on. Caught this one last spring while on a bike ride to Lake Zorinsky... or maybe I should say, it caught me. I saw those thin little rain shafts and figured it didn't have anything substantial in it (I mean come on, look at that measly little updraft lol), so I decided to wait it out on top of the dam. Turns out, it actually had a little hail in it lol. Nothing huge, not even pea size, more like a bunch of little grains of sand. Nothing painful (unless the wind blew in my face), and nothing threatening to the camera gear (had it in a bag), but an interesting experience nonetheless. Rode home on my bike soaked but more than happy with what I had seen, as this little storm later produced a rainbow =D

Please tell me what you think! :dance:
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alirezaaganori's avatar
beautiful the contrast .very verygood
morningstarskid's avatar
Sweet image!!!.:clap:

camera and specs??
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This is a brilliant capture :)
I'm surprised you found something so perfectly placed in America, the contrast between the two areas is stunningly beautiful.
It's funny how you're always in the right place at the right time ;) keep up the brilliant timing :D
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this is a perfect photo! Please do fix the magenta pink line at the horizon.. it ruins it to be the perfect photo ever made :)
kardiniav's avatar
love the contrast between the cloudy gray storm and the blue aftermath. Coincidence? The ground is brown on the storm side, after the storm there is so much more green.
mongoose64's avatar
Beautiful and serene:).
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Even if its not what you had wanted to find, it is a fascinating photo of a brilliant day... storm over a "lake", and blue skies over a field... beautiful picture of a beautiful day.... how i would have loved to stand where you were when you took this photo.....

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This is very interesting, compositionally, on a number of levels! Good job, Evan!
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That looks pretty cool. Wonder what it's like to actually be there.
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beautiful, as always :happybounce:
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Wow, thats magnificent. There contrast really stands out here and it looks beautiful.
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