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Canon Digital Rebel XSi
Tamron 10-24mm
3 shot HDR (-2, 0, +2)

During my local "creek" explorations, I encountered a pretty fair amount of garbage. Found some irony in this scene. The "natural" shampoo bottle and a couple of "crystal spring" bottles floating in a puddle.

[insert social message about pollution here]

Please tell me what you think! :dance:
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4331x2907px 14.83 MB
Shutter Speed
100/2999 second
Focal Length
24 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 19, 2009, 5:41:41 PM
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Ugh, just put your fucking trash in the garbage. It's not that hard? Stuff like this pisses me off so much, but excellent shot.
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Ironic, indeed. So sad! Why can't people pack their trash out?
when we go on nature outings to our favorite haunts i take lg trash bags to pick up garbage left by humanoid pigs.
FramedByNature's avatar
That's a great idea! :)
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It always burns my ass to see this kind of unnessary stupidity.
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XxPrincessHannahxX's avatar
Wow, that's... ironic.
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....oh...and beautiful picture with a thoughtful commentary.
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When my ex and I used to go to the beach, we would bring extra plastic grocery bags with us.
While we were on the beach and surrounding area, we would pick up the syringes and tampon inserters etc. that had washed up on shore.
We would usually each fill at least one bag full of garbage each time.
I think I'm going to start doing it again.
One thing I CAN say about Carol, she's a caring person.
I learned to be more compassionate, and selfless, from her.
I NEVER would have thought to bring bags to pick up OTHER PEOPLES garbage, but she did it without blinking.

The environmentalist rule is "Leave the place as good or BETTER than you found it".
This place would be BETTER if cleaned.
If you do, take a picture and TELL people you do.
Set a good example, and maybe, just maybe, we can convince someone ELSE to be less ignorant, and destructive.
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What a great story. Thanks for sharing!
If you do begin doing that again, take pictures of what you collect! Could be an interesting project.
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Oh, for sure.
I do NOTHING without reporting and showing.
The goal is to inspire or SHAME folks into being cleaner.
samid13's avatar
u know, that would an awsome picture for some group that fights for a cleanner, less polluted earth, i mean its a beautiful photo, that shows peolpe that even such pretty plasces as this are full of garbage
FramedByNature's avatar
That's what I had in mind while I was taking the photo :)
Thank you! :hug:
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Love it Evan! The evidence is here!...And so many else where!
I won't make a speech on it. We all know what to do...
I wanna applause the way you concentrate earth, water, vegatables and sky in this picture...looks like we can touch it or fall in it! Beautifull SOS! :heart: :hug:

Some more Encroachment...[link] -
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Thank you very much! :glomp:
And thanks for the link :)
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