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Day 338

Day 338 of 365

Love the way evening light plays on the snow. Took this in our backyard (under the neighbor's tree) on Sunday evening after Saturday's snowstorm dropped 4 inches. :)
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Beautiful and pure atmosphere :)
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Wow! It's gorgeous
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This is really pretty!! I like the purplish and orangey sunset colours! And I like to look at photographs of snow because I have never experience the snow weather before. Btw, your gallery is awesome too. :D
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lets have a snow war in your backyard!! yaaahh!! that would be awesome! and i'll beat chu at it! even if i never experience snow ever..XD
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this has been featured in my latest journal :heart:
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Perhaps it's a little over saturated, but really beautiful.
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beautiful! sometimes i miss the snow! thank you so much for sharing
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Gorgeous shot. You took this at like the perfect moment. I would've liked to be standing where you were (and I don't even like the snow)
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shgdfahgfsdghfg *die* THE SNOW!!!!!!! SJGDJSA i hope see this one day!!! looks so nice!!!
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Thats a perfect shot!!! It doesn't get much better than that
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>_< you are so lucky it never really snows where i live :( stupid denmark it's always raining here
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It is a fantastic photo!!
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great timing and position
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That is a truly incredible shot. I love it :D
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ahhh!! i wish we had snow like that!!
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This is stunning! So beautiful, I love love to live where you live!
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