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Evan Ludes CONTACT me at Hey, my name is Evan. I've been taking photos and videos for 10 years and come to this community to gather inspiration and share my work. Thanks for visiting! Current Residence: Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

Favourite Movies
The Shawshank Redemption | Nightcrawler | Ex Machina | Star Wars | Office Space
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The Office | Scrubs | Parks & Rec | Battlebots
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Queen | MitiS | Abba | A Day to Remember
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Super Smash Bros. (N64)
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Canon 6D | Sony FDR AX700 | Mavic 2 Pro
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Weather | Cars | Cats
Hey there, everyone! It's been a busy year for me and @JupiterLily . We had twins! We have three kids now. After meeting on dA over 10 years ago. This website literally changed my life =o Anyway! With recent life expenses being... expensive... I'm back in the swing of sharing art! I've got a backlog of about 7 years worth of footage and stills to work through, basically starting from when we moved to the Black Hills in 2016. I'm chronologically going through storm chase trips, hikes, aurora chases and more over on my YouTube channel. If you want to see my face talk about various weather topics, or enjoy some chill nature timelapses, subscribing there is the place to be :) I'll likely keep dA fairly focused on the photography side of things, but there's a good chance that most photos I post will correlate to a new video. So if it crosses your mind, don't forget to follow over there! In the meantime, I wanted to see who all has seen the northern lights. We're actually entering a
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Another year in the books, and it was a doozy for many... good riddance, 2020! :faint: 2020 was a rollercoaster, but we did have a number of positive things to reflect on for the year including... We refinanced our house (how boring and adult, I know) Saw the AWESOME Comet Neowise Went on a backpacking trip to the Wind River Range @JupiterLily and I celebrated our 4th anniversary I picked up a new hobby (any other disc golfers out there??) Chased LOTS of storms A bunch of things I'm forgetting... Anyway, hopefully we can all move forward into 2021 and strive for a better year. No fancy specific resolutions from me, but you can bet I'll be out there taking pictures, video, timelapses... and never getting around to posting them ^^; Alright, maybe one resolution starting with posting a few new photos. The 2021 "DakotaScapes" calendar is available for anyone who hasn't seen it yet! Since those images are all processed up to print quality, I'll probably
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Hey everyone! It's been a busy year here in South Dakota. @JupiterLily and I have been slowly improving our house, working, and of course getting out to enjoy the Black Hills whenever time allows. Which if you're curious, you can actually view some of our hiking shenanigans here! We also snuck down to Colorado to buy a vehicle I've had my eye on for quite a while, a 1966 International Harvester Scout 800. Once she's running a little more reliably I'm sure I'll have more photos to share! Right now I'm cutting a video for YouTube sharing our trip down to Colorado to check out the Scout as well as some Colorado scenery... Doing video production at work every day has had me leaning more into that sphere than photography as of late, but I did still manage to get out and take enough photos to fill a calendar with! You can grab that on for $14.99 here and be sure to keep an eye out for any shipping specials they have going on! I'll get all of those submitted
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thank you for the feature!

My pleasure and very welcome!

Wow, FANTASTIC captures of the natural world! 😎 Chuck Norris Approves

Fyi, there is another storm chaser, Pecos Hank, who has some spectacular footage on YouTube, here:


Thank you so much! Side note, I love Hank haha. We keep missing each other but we'll run into one a other someday. He kindly used some of my tornado footage in his 2018 Tornadoes video :)

Wow, that’s awesome!! 😎⚡️👍🏻

Really Beautiful Work!! Thank you for sharing!