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Мля, верните мне мой дветыщиседьмой!...

 I watched the metalocalypse in 2013 for the last time. A couple of weeks ago, watched the Doomstar Reqiem for the first time. Yeah, I'm a slowpoke, I know! But ....  you should envy me - my impressions are so bright right now!

God, I just love it like at first! I'm f*ckin' love you, Brandon Small...
What are cool they are! Especially Ofdensen - oh, he's brutal!
And Pickles - it's ashamed that he used to sing so rarely - he's awesome, his vocal parts were the best!  
As always cocaine can save the day!
Nathan is brutal!
Magnus is brutal!
Skvizgaar is capable of empathy and not so dildoe %)
And, of course, Toki - he is super cutie ^__^ And brutal, of course. Previously, he always irritated me a bit (Pickles fan!). But the kid definitely has an inner core. The scene of the duel was shot simply superb, epic and without inappropriate stuff. Bravo! So... here's my favorite part. As always love young boys rising the most ^__^

And... f*ck you, Adult Swim! F*ck you for the 5th season of Metalocalypse! Может быть когда-нибудь...
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if you actually liked the show, you would be able to spell his name right smh