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I had this idea for a deertaur for awhile. I don't think I've ever drawn a centaur before o:

Ava is a melanistic red deer from England. She is a little under 12 hands at the shoulder and comes to a total of 5'8" tall. Red does are quite large and I wanted her to appear strong and muscular. She has asymmetrical cornrows and tattoos on her neck. Her body fur is shaved into the skeleton shape (look up shaved horses to see what I mean). That means the bones aren't markings and they aren't permanent. She could change the pattern or let it completely grow out if she wanted to.

I was inspired to draw her by :icondragontrash: and I imagine her to be part of his taur gang who like doing nice things for people.

Ava likes to volunteer at the animal shelter and the assisted care facility near where she lives. She bakes casseroles which she donates or gives to her neighbors and she sings in the church choir.

Unshaved Ava

Oh and I added a texture: Texture
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This is so lovely!
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Thank you so much!
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glad you like
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Wow! I'm not much of a fan of deer-taurs generally, but this design is just great- dripping with personality.
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Thank you! I had a lot of fun designing her and I'm glad you like her even if deertaurs aren't usually to your taste.
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Great concept and execution. Very nice indeed.
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Thank you! I appreciate your kind words very much.
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They are well deserved words.
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Is this posted anywhere by you on your Tumblr? I'd love to reblog it to a monster girl blog I have! <3
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No, sorry. I don't keep a tumblr anymore.
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That's ok! Thanks a ton for your time! C:
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I'm glad you like the image c:
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This is really lovely!
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Thank you! 
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This is awesome, love the bones and the lashes ;D
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Thank you! Yeah those are totally falsies haha
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Good design! Very unique!
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I'm pleased you think so! thanks
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Wears a punk vest, volunteers at an assisted living home. Good for her not letting stereotypes box her in.
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hell yeah! c:
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