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Mario by Frakkle-art

Eevee and Vaporeon by Frakkle-art

30 Jolt by Frakkle-art

8 Star by Frakkle-art

Zelda and Hilda by Frakkle-art

these are some of my Nintendo Fanarts, and by posting these, i realize that its bin a while since i posted something from Zelda :D
i think i will do some Zelda Fanart soon!

enjoy what you like and #ShowYourHeart
Some more SpotlightVideosSpotlight , this is my Playlist for Normal Things like Drawings i do
around the year.

some of them are just my creativity running wildFirelite-photo  , other are FanartPokeball

                                      Have Fun =P (Razz) 
The Video-Playlist for Inktober2017!  Airborne