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Hello everybody! I hope you're fine! Today is deviantArt's birthday right? And I want to celebrate this day like a lot of member, despite my bad english!

So... I'll tell you my dA story! 

Three years ago, I discovered deviantArt. In a first time, I just watch some deviations, without an account. And a few weeks later, I decided to create an account. And faster, I posted my first deviation, with my old and bad graphic tablet. A graphic tablet with a battery in the stylus!

Two years later, I decided to create a new account, FraizySmoothie . Why this change? I don't remember very well. I just wanted to change. Maybe it's because I knew that I was going to have a new graphic tablett... But if it was because of that, it's a quite stupid... No? :'D But I did it! 

At the beginning, I didn't post deviations, I was just watching members and faves deviations. It was only at the second month that I post my first deviation. I believe it was a drawing of... Utau's cover, made by me. Yeah, It was a picture for a video, to illustrate a cover that I did.

Kocchi Muite Baby [Makune Hachi x Raine Rena] by FraizySmoothie

The next deviantion was a WIP of a present for a member (AyumiUtau). A present made with PMD Editor. I was tried to create a model of her utau, but I didn't manage. So here's just the wip:

WIP (Present for AyumiUtau) by FraizySmoothie

Somes month later I decided to post an another drawing, it was a present for my friend Katna-chan . It's her OCs, Nora. And It was at this moment that I decided to do a challenge: post a drawing or more every month! I began this challenge on March.

[Commission] Nora. by FraizySmoothie

After this deviation I decided to post some of "editing pictures"

Duuude! It's a colorful world! by FraizySmoothie

Kagerou Project [GIF] by FraizySmoothie

Several month later, I decided to try to enter in a french rpg, Metropole Illumis, and I didn't manage (but I'll retry soon!). But I was determined to enter in a frech rpg, just to have fun! And a friend tell me about Seika School, and today I'm in this rpg, and I'm happy! :D

So, it's my deviantart story. I thinks that I progress a lot, and dA help me to do that.

Finally, I just want to say: Happy birthday dA!
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August 7, 2014


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