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Gritty City Stories 310: Streets  of Fire

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Pooky has made a recent appearance on BAM animation.  Two pro animators give advice, and redraw people's characters.  You can catch the episode here.

I recommend subscribing to them if you're at all interested in art or animation. For an old traditional materials guy like myself, who's only really made the switch to digital in the last few years, they've been tremendously helpful.

Yup I'm doing a sale too.  Half off all active YCH commissions.  Get them while you can. The following YCHs are up for grabs at half off.

Windy Day: Was: $3. Sale Price: $1.50

Yandere: Was: $5. Sale Price: $2.50

School Uniform:  Was $4. Sale Price: $2

All payments can be made by paypal to
Send a note or reply to this post to order.

Gritty City Stories 309 now up at

Created with GIMP

Today Stan Lee is gone , but never forget the legacy he's left behind. 

Spiderman taught me that even heroes have ordinary problems.  Hawkeye showed me that even regular people can accomplish great things by working at it hard enough.  The X-Men perhaps more than anything taught me that it was OK to be different in a time I really needed to know that. 

The characters he created, and the stories he weaved have touched the hearts of millions, if not billions, and will continue to the end of time.  He forged from ink and paper, a modern pantheon to rival the likes of Hercules, and King Arthur.  He helped the souls of many people to soar with flights of imagination, while reminding us all that we can be better people.  I'll never forget you Stan.  Excelsior!

Gritty City Stories 308: Overwhelmed

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Sorry it's a small one this week, but check out this random sword idea I had.…

Gritty City Stories 307 is now up at

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Gritty city Stories 306: Burn Baby Burn


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Check out some future AntiBunny characters for free on the Patreon.…
Another animated Sketchurday. Check it out for free on the Patreon at

Slightly Damned is another great comic you should read.

Gritty City Stories 305: Witless Intimidation

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Changing a few things on the Patreon. Some Tiers have been merged, and now patrons get even more stuff. Check it out here. Maybe become one.…
I'm unloading some unsold YCH commissions for cheap.
All YCH must go!
Punch -was: $20- NOW: $3


Mature Content

YCH Oops by Fragraham

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