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Russian Propaganda Style Tarot

By FragOcon
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This is a project I am doing for my final major project in college I decided to recreate the major arcane cards from a tarot card deck. I am recreating them with a Russian and Russian propaganda the theme.

This is all 22 cards.
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Действительно, конченный народ. Впрочем, глупо было бы ожидать иного от англосаксов.
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WOW I need this deck in my life
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In Mother Russia, cards see the future by playing with tarot humans !
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Woooaaaahhhh blew my fricken mind
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Great idea and well executed! This "Wheel of fortune" is truly unique.
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Are you making minor arcanes too? And even more important, is there a place to buy this set?
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Absolutely love Marx as the Magician, Stalin as The Devil and The Hanged Man.C
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i need this to be for sale. i would love to work with this deck!
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Perfect! beautifull and well executed.

I can't find anything wrong in this, but i would place Nicolau Alexandrovich Romanov as the fool (for his naiveté) or the hanged man. 
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Have you considered doing the Minor Arcana?
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love this so very much. you should totally make Lenin the Emperor 
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This is really GREAT! Is this a deck I can buy somewhere?
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I need you to make this into a tarot deck like now pls. :D
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I love this. When will it be finished?
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Wow, these are absolutely amazing!
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I love them, and the aesthetic is great, though if the deck is propaganda themed, why would the Soviet propaganda department make Stalin the Devil?Shouldn't he be the Emperor and Uncle Sam be the devil?
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I would have made Lenin and Trotsky "Justice", to combat Stalin as the "Devil" :D
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yes! TOTALLY agreed. 
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