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Megaraptor namunhuaiquii Scale

This is a relatively quick drawing of Megaraptor, the famed super-dromeosaur. Originally known from only one 30cm claw. As it turns out, the giant claws of this theropod belonged on the hands...not on the feet. It is classified as a neovenatorid allosauroid. Megaraptor was a medium-sized theropod, being around 7-8 meters in length, and likely ~1 ton in weight. It is thought that this animal may have been a spinosaur analogue.

This was done as a request. If anyone has any, I think I'll start doing some more...because I haven't been drawing enough lately...:(

Much better scan!!!
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This size must be were Jurassic world makers got Indoraptor’s from

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Mega raptor is now classified as a ceolorosaur/basal tyrannosaur and not a neovenatorid allosaurus anymore.
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It's possible. There isn't really a consensus one way or the other yet.
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Interesting; I hadn't heard about the fore-arm revelation. I wonder if these are some sort of transition species...
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This is pretty awesomely drawn, but Megaraptor isn't an Allosaurid nor Megalosaur then?
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Well, it likely a Neovenatorid, which is a branch of the allosauroids. Basically a very late allosaur relative.
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Eek. Foot or forelimb, I wouldn't want it behind me!
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Kind of reminds me of the "Northclaw" from Dixon's The New Dinosaurs.
Fragillimus335's avatar
Awesome! I've never gotten a chance to check that book out.
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Just want to note: There is an fatal error with the Hallux (legs mixed up).
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Doh! It's because I switched the legs position halfway through drawing this guy. Originally the back leg was in front! :) Thanks for pointing that out.
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JP fans really need to see this so they can stop crying over Velociraptor being dog-sized and fluffy.
Theropods are larger than their weight due to hollow bones. Velociraptor was 6 feet long.
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They also have really long, thin tails. Velociraptor was less than 3 feet long without its tail.
Somnium-23's avatar
Funny how no one maligns wolverines by saying they could just 'kick them away'. Small and fluffy does not equal harmless.

Seriously though:
Viciousness is certainly a trait of some animals, but when it's focused on as a particular special or admirable trait, it reduces animals to mere robotic killing machines (see any sensationalized story about shark attacks). Velociraptor is super cool, even if in life it was as docile as Nummymuffincoocolbutter.
Orionide5's avatar
I think I understand why JP fans don't want Velociraptor to change, apart from stubbornness. The JP Velociraptors were reptiles, but they were human-sized, quick-moving and intelligent, a combination that made them more than just killing machines. If the raptors were just large seriemas with fangs and long tails they still could have inspired fear, but only in the sense of "watch out, the fluffy things are going to eat you!" You can't change the raptors without changing their archetypal role.
Somnium-23's avatar
I find that attitude to be very objectifying, but unfortunately it seems like most nerds have that sort of mindset, raptors or otherwise.
Orionide5's avatar
Wait, what attitude? You mean you think totally changing the appearance of a fictional character doesn't affect its impact? What people see is very important to their subconcious reactions to it. I think you could make a great movie with realistic dromaeosaurs, but it would neccesarily be different from Jurassic Park, or at least from JP1. The raptors were much more animalistic in JP2.
Somnium-23's avatar
I didn't mean that, I just feel like a lot of nerds are very objectifying towards character writing. Like for example; inner strength is a necessity and crushing self-doubt is forbidden.

But you make a good point. I've read somewhere that the problem with the perspective of these dinosaur-fanboys is that they think of dinosaurs as characters we know for sure and not animals that we're still trying to understand. Isn't that just frustrating?
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I don't see why they even cry over Velociraptors being feathered, who says feathers can't be cool?
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Yep, there are still some cool giant scaly theropods left! Even though it's not a raptor, its name is pretty cool.
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