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Huaxiaosaurus is Freaking Huge



Huaxiaosaurus is a massive new hadrosaur from China. A mounted composite skeleton measures 18.7 meters long.  At that size these Hadros probably outweighed most diplodocids, However the Chinese mounts seem to be oversized, and lengths exceeding 16m seem unlikely. To help grasp it's size, at its hip it is about the height of a small house.....

A kind little 1.7m SH rhino provides scale...

Note: Huaxiaosaurus is a real dinosaur, but it remains to be seen if it is a new species, or just a specimen of Shantungosaurus.
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As it turns out, there are even larger Shantungosaurus than the ´Huaxiaosaurus´ specimen.
The ´Huaxiaosaurus´ specimen has a 1.72 m femur, while the largest known Shantungosaurus femur measures 1.805 m, resulting a weight of up to 22 tonnes.