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Giraffatitan Smash!

A young bull Giraffatitan has failed to mate for the 3rd year in a row.  Too small and inexperienced to challenge the dominant herd bulls, he lurks on the sidelines, pent up aggression and hormones boiling in his blood.  When an inquisitive Kentrosaurus wanders towards the bull to have a drink, the sauropod takes out his aggression on the hapless stegosaur. :(  The Kentrosaurus has seconds to live at the hands of a lonely sauropod.  

Inspired by the many accounts of young bull elephants killing rhinos during their musk rages.

This doubles as a late Valentine's day post, albeit a bit depressing.  No luck in love for Giraffatitan!
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Giraffatitan used Smash! It's very effective!
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Imagine how scary will these things be if they have a sense of revenge and abstract thinking like elephants.

There was one elephant that shredded a farmer and scattered his organs, bones, skin and flesh for over 10,000 square yards because the farmer was farming in its home and clearing trees.
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Dinosaurs lacked the neural complexity of an animal like the elephant. Virtually all mammals have high cognitive functions than any given dinosaur, even a rat. 

Did you know mammals are actually below birds and reptiles in average intelligence?

Have you even been keeping up with the news?! Guess what, the rule that non-mammals are stupid was completely wrong.
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Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs, and they are very different (Though similar) creatures.

The general scientific consensus is that dinosaurs were very intelligent for reptiles, but generally not as smart as (modern) mammals.  I never said they were stupid, they just weren't as intelligent as modern birds and mammals.  This doesn't decrease the amazing nature of dinosaurs in any way.
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Although you could reasonably suggest creatures like macronarians would've not been as smart, this doesn't apply 'generally'. A new study shows that acrocanthosaurus was intelligent enough to have a mating dance, not these lumbering beasts in swamps. Troodontids had a large brain to body ratio, and were stated countless times of their unique hunting, supposedly being able to bait small mammals with insects placed nearby, and getting the pounce on them.

Uh... no.

And even with mammalian intelligence they would be average for reptiles seeing how reptile intelligence has turned out to rival and even exceed that of mammals.
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If that happened, I'd jump out a window.
There's an entire documentary on elephant revenge. If sauropods acted the same way....
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I seriously hope they don't.
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"Can't get my dick wet so I'ma fuck up this little spiky nigga."
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That's the general idea.
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too small? i get your point but just imagine a large one :D (Big Grin) 
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Look at some pics of the Berlin Giraffatitan, then realize, it's only a teenager!…

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astonishing. surapods never stop to amaze me by how big they get. may i ask, are you a member of carnivoraforum? if so, i'm known as spinosaurus rex
Fragillimus335's avatar
I used to be until Taipan banned me. Be sure never to disagree with him or the same thing will happen to you.  Now I post on The World of Animals forum.  A lot of old carnivora guys are on there/
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well that sucks. and thanks for the heads up. i also set up an account on that site as well. though i never really post on it often.
anyway, feel free to see my art as well. so far i only posted one, but more will come over the weekend
and i really enjoy viewing your artwork
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I suppose that being agressive with another species by no reason requires a little bit more of brain that Giraffatitan had... I mean, our ''stupid" animals aren't that agressive, I mean, for killing just for frustration. Elephants with several traumas have seen killing rhinos, but the full-mature adults enter in fights with the ones who do this agressive behaviour. And two paleontologists (dont remember his names) said once that elephants aren't a good animal to compare with sauropods, cause they are a lot more intelligent... But it's a nice idea, and, who knows? could happen...
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We have no idea how intelligent sauropods were. And it takes no great intelligence to kill something out of hormonal rage.  This sauropod isn't consciously trying to vent its anger, it is just hyped up on hormones and ready to kill anything it can.

What about Dall sheep? They are about as dull as big mammals come and they love to be bullies! 
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h, but specullate is funny, and I liked the thing about it... Just, I don't know... Suropods looks like so stupid for me... No ofense... :(
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Well, they are about as intelligent as high end modern reptiles like alligators/crocs, and they are surprisingly smart.
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Maybe not, Sauropods weren't as smart as crocs, maybe because they had a more primitive brain and smaller...
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