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Charonosaurus Flashin' the Goods

This is my second All Your Yesterdays entry, a Charonosaurus bull going all out to catch the eye of some ladies...How could anyone miss a speculative skin sail that huge!

Charonosaurus was a huge 13 meter hadrosaur probably weighing ~8 tons!
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Wow! What an interesting concept! This would be insanely cool if hadrosaurs such as Charonosaurus and Parasaurolophus had his sort of sail. 
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Charonosaurus: Calling all predators in the area! easy to spot meal right here!
Try not to take offence to that, It's a nice piece.
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No problem!  It's an issue many living male animals have to deal with, peacocks, frogs that sing very loudly, fireflies,... I guess love beats the risk of getting eaten!

And thanks!
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Haha, pretty much.
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o_O. Ladies and Gentlemen, The "Ouranosaurlophus":
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Haha, it's a hybrid, the dinosaurs get frisky sometimes...  Wink/Razz 
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Damn. Looks more like an Ouranosaurus with that sail.
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Yeah, it's all skin though.
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a hadrosaur with a sail??? i missed a ton of stuff !
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It is just a speculative picture, it likely didn't have a full body sail! Although there is a hadrosaur called Ouranosaurus that has a sail!
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Ouranosaurus had no sail.
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Ridge/Sail same sack of potatoes... :D
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This is so awesome!!! I like the All yesterdays, supercool like a supercroc :D
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Ignore everyone else, this is brilliant!
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Please feel free to look around my gallery!
My characters are Cryptaloids, a half human half animal species I created.

I have some dinosaur Cryptaloids!
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