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Saitama vs Devil Raptor

Commission for :iconraptors0verlord: of his Oc Devil Raptor vs Saitama from One-punch man

Hope you like it 
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awesome art!
what about SwarmLord vs Thanos (MCU, without the stones)?
its an awesome suggestion
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I fuckin' love this
fradarlin's avatar
I'm very happy that you like it! :D
Soon I'll upload other animation most impressive than this! :D
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Amazing work! Love that raptor, i guess i need to check page of character's creator :3
fradarlin's avatar
Feel free to check! Will be apreciated for the creator :D
alienhominid2000's avatar
Devil Raptor gonna need more than cunning, claws and teeth if he want to victory against Saitama
RegnoArt's avatar
Epic artwork!!! :clap:

ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!!! Saitama Surprised Icon 
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Really thanks! :D
RegnoArt's avatar
That's all right! :D
Netoey's avatar
so clean! and looks so 3 dimention!!! how you do????
fradarlin's avatar
Really thanks! :D I'm glad you like it! :D and the 3d effects is for the shadows and lights that I do :)
Netoey's avatar
well your really goddamn good at lights and shadows ^v^
fradarlin's avatar
Thanks! I like to do it :)
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Very good, man
Fistron's avatar
DignotionsHusband's avatar
It's humorous to commission your OC one frame before it's death. 
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One punch man... have to watch it yet
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