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Group Therapy

To really enjoy this you should look at the full view.

My friends had pointed out that I do some cool screaming drawings. So I decided to do a really large one with lots of people. It took forever to get done but was lots of fun to do.
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is this done with oil sticks? its quite awesome the concept and your talent~!
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Thanks you :)

It is actually made with Pastel chalk.
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Wow I really love it, is it chalk pastel?
I really like it, I prefer the two tiny faces, and there's a fealing of freedom I find in there!
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Thank you. Yes it is pastel. I had a lot of fun drawing this, I definatly let myself go and went as wacky as I could. :)
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God I don't know how you do, I hate working with pastels :P

Very nice work, and carry on going wacky because it gives more personality to your piece :)
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I am a person with multiple personality disorder and this picture totally depicts what if feels like in my head at times. I'm adding it to my favorite's. It is so awesome! Great gallery!
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Ah, I'm alway interested in people's view of my more odd art. I'm simple when I do art, it all about feeling, there's rarely any message or point to it. Just capturing the moment.

If you look closely none of the people screaming are actually angry, I hope your other personalities aren't either. :)
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No, it just get's very loud at times LOL
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