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Insane Narcissism - Exuire
Pairing: Explosivo/Esquire
No one was sure whether they would call it narcissism or insanity. But there Izzy - or rather, E-scope - was, flirting with herself. She claimed she was talking to Explosivo.
No one was quite sure what to think. While E-scope was just an alternatve name, Explosivo seemed to be more than that. He was an alter ego, and apparently, he was Kaleidoscope's girlfriend. Then there was also the 'hurdle queen,' Esquire.
She, too, was in love with Explosivo.
Bridgette tried to help out, she really did. But she could hardly be considered a matchmaker, especially considering the circumstances. But Esquire never gave up.
One day, the psycho girl was found kissing her reflection.
"The hurdle queen trumps all," Esquire explained. She kissed the mirror again, as if the cold surface were a man.
And in a way, it was.
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Untitled -SPOILERS FOR EP 15-
Untitled Fic
Chapter 1
WARNING: Contains spoilers for episode 15 of TDA and implied femslash. Like, barely implied. Only people like me would think of it as femslash. But nonetheless.
Heather sat back and sighed. She ran a hand over her scalp and wished she hadn't given Leshawna her wig.
"Why didn't they eliminate Leshawna?!" she shrieked.
Secretly, Heather was almost glad that she'd been eliminated. She was sick of the disgusting food and those loser campers. Especially Courtney, the cheating little bitch. Heather couldn't deny that there'd be a few people she'd miss...but she refused to think of them. Thinking about them reminded her that she wished she were still in the game. Heather frowned.
The lame-o-sine slowed to a stop and Heather stepped out. A few people gasped.
"So, they finally eliminated you, huh?" Noah asked, smirking slightly.
"What's it to you, nerd?" Heather snapped, crossing her arms.
The lame-o-zine drove away."Hey! You forgot my stuff!" she
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Request - Dashboardshipping by Fractured-Femur-Fun Request - Dashboardshipping :iconfractured-femur-fun:Fractured-Femur-Fun 3 8 MAH MILKSHAKE by Fractured-Femur-Fun MAH MILKSHAKE :iconfractured-femur-fun:Fractured-Femur-Fun 2 0

Random Favourites

Some TDI Girls by Adeladee Some TDI Girls :iconadeladee:Adeladee 42 3 Noa by HyperLaceAlchemists
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The Perfect Night-TDA one shot
It was supposed to be a perfect night. The perfect night. All girls thought prom was supposed to be perfect. Well, all girls except for Gwen. She was not having a fantastic night at all.  The school was decorated with beautiful ribbons and streamers and even the lights were multi-colored. It was a spectacular sight indeed.  But she did not feel so spectacular. Gwen moved a strand of her green hair out of her face and smoothed out her black dress.
“Isn’t this great Greta!” Lindsay asked tugging Gwen’s arm. “Isn’t it beautiful?”
Gwen looked at the blond haired girl. She was wearing a sparkly pink dress with a red ribbon tied around its waist. A bright pink bow tied her hair in a ponytail. She looked beautiful.
“Yes, it is,” Gwen nodded with a tiny smile as Trent came up with their drinks. They had all decided to go to prom together. Her and Geoff, and Lindsay and Trent. However, Geoff had not shown up yet.
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Dr. Femur/Melissa/YOUR FACE.
United States

"I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue..."

About Me:
I'm thirteen. I'm a procrastinator, wannabe fanfic author, TDI obsesser, a loser, a girl, forum stalker, an eighth grader, antisocial, and a yaoi/yuri fangirl. Sue me.


Shippings I Support (or that amuse me):
-Noah/Cody (TDI)
-Noah/Tyler (TDI)
-Dib/Zim (IZ)
-Ron/Jayfeather (HP/Warriors)
-Noah/Izzy (TDI)
-Leafpool/Crowfeather (Warriors)
-Lionblaze/Heathertail (Warriors)
-Harry/Ginny (HP)
-Chef/Chris (TDI)
-Heather/Ezekiel (TDI)
-Jayfeather/Stick (Warriors)
-Darkstripe/Tigerstar (Warriors)
-Naruto/Hinata (Naruto)
-Heather/Lindsay (TDI)
-Bridgette/Courtney (TDI)
-Lindsay/Noah (TDI)
-Duncan/Noah (TDI)
-Noah/Geoff (TDI)
-Noah/Katie (TDI)
-Lindsay/Beth (TDI)
-DJ/Gordon (TDI)
-Geoff/Gordon (TDI)
-Trent/Bear (TDI)
-Trent/Owen (TDI)
-Leshawna/Izzy (TDI)
-Gwen/Heather (TDI)
-Bellatrix/Voldemort (HP)
-Justin/Courtney (TDI)
-Gwen/Courtney (TDI)
-Noah/Alejandro (TDI)
-Justin/Alejandro (TDI)

I don't hate any pairings. 8D except for cody/beth.
but i like it if it's onesided.






Current Residence: a basement in Washington
Favourite genre of music: i don't even know.
Operating System: WINDOWS XP BABY.
MP3 player of choice: mine.
Shell of choice: wut.
Wallpaper of choice: wut.
Skin of choice: i still don't get this.
Favourite cartoon character: TOO MANY TO NAME.
that is all.

  • Listening to: The Saltwater Room - Owl City
  • Reading: nothing.
  • Watching: nothing.
  • Playing: nothing.
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper


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Azelanne Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010  Student General Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:! :)
homestar-n00b Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
oh shanks for shaving, I mean, faving, Melissa ;D
DuncanxHeather-FC Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
Hey hun. Can we still count on you for a contest entry?
Hmmm...I guess not seeing as ur gonna be gone from ur
computer for a while...But just in case u still have till the 8th.^-^
Happy new year!
Fractured-Femur-Fun Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
i'm not sure anymore D:
i really want to enter but my computer's dead and i have no way to access my music ;-; some jerk stole my mp3 player.
so unless i miraculously fix my computer by friday i probably can't enter. sorry! :C maybe next time.
DuncanxHeather-FC Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Ohh so sorry. And that sucks about ur mp3 player
I got my stolen right out of my backpack at highschool
once so I now how that is...
And don't apologize for not being able to enter. It's not ur
fault at all dear. As u said maybe next time.^-^
Fractured-Femur-Fun Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
kay welllll i finally got music on my ipod (just got it for christmas ^^) so i;mma try and do something. ^^
no idea how i'm gonna get it on deviantart though. xD
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tdiandrea Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009
hey u like Duncan x Tyler too?
Fractured-Femur-Fun Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
yus |D
i had a dream with it once x)
tdiandrea Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
yay :3
I had a dream i was swimming with the southpark girls O_o
yu2d Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
thanks for fav :)
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