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... like a banana, so the saying goes.

Just noticed that it's been over 2 years since I last wrote. That's pretty bad, isn't it?

On the other hand, I am writing to say that I have recently (today) been inspired to finish off some of the pen and ink pieces in my collection, and post some of the others.

I blame ~AbXynthetic.   She rocks.  Go check her work out!


ps. I'm Tense as I've got a phone interview for a new job in the next couple of hours... Gah.
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It wouldn't be Friday without a crisis at work.

This situation calls for pseudoephedrine hydrochloride b.p. and many, many cups of coffee.

Catch you on the other side, folks.

This weekend has passed so slowly since I've had to cancel all my plans and miss the friends I wanted to see, drink with, watch DJ and spend time with. The consolation appears to be that I get to make sure my Mum is recovered from this flu as well. Frankly I feel pretty rotten having exposed her to it in the first place. We're both nearly right again but I can see it'll take more than a few days before my head feels normal and the headaches and cough ebb away.

Work beckons tomorrow, complete with the deadline that was supposed to be handled last week were it not for waiting while developers wrung their hands when I should have been taking their results and setting them down in the documents. Tomorrow and Tuesday were supposed to be holidays, now rescinded to help with the work effort. Maybe that's charity and maybe that's the right thing to do, but it still rubs me up the wrong way.

I know I'll be too tired to do a whole day at work tomorrow, so the first thing I'll do is to get clearance to work at home in the afternoon. There's no sense in messing about with it. I'm exhausted and my sleep patterns are completely shot. They can bill me.

And my sketches aren't good enough, damn it. I need practice. But I guess I knew that already. In fact I knew that before I ever submitted them. I need to improve in order to be happier.

I feel six hours of confused dreams incoming.

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Slowly fighting a flu virus off... getting about 2 hours sleep a night (usually after 6am) and had a headache since Tuesday. Reckon I'm getting better but it's taking its sweet time.  Boredom and Internet have set in, hand-in-hand like Assault & Battery. Totally overhauled my homepage. Made the realisation that I had a homepage after 9 years of being on the net. Weirdness. Wondering if my weekend plans are totally screwed yet, but will have to see.. I'm supposed to be out for a curry with lots of friends tomorrow evening and seeing my friend DJ at a techno club on Saturday. The way things are going I'm just not going to have the energy. Damn it.

Looking forward to stepping out of the house.


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I just wanted to CELEBRATE my first ever Favorite received!


Now that's what I call inspiration :)

(up late, again)
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Goddamnit. I don't get people who don't read their email. That's like ignoring this facet of yourself that protrudes into the net..

It's just not good enough!

This is to remind myself to put some of my old sketches up.
Figured it was about time I deviated something.

I've added a short txt-poem-thing I wrote a while back in the hope that it'll inspire me to start adding more things.. Work is being genuinely oppressive at the moment so it serves as light relief and maybe it will stop my brain freezing.

Got a tickle-cough from hell so I have a large J.D. in front of me and some biscuits that I purloined from the Christmas pile. I'll get around to replacing them soon enough as I have a guilty conscience.

But damn, they sure do taste good.

Maybe if I added a little sweet chilli sauce...

I finally got around to uploading something that I intend to do some work on. Hopefully I'll be able to get the time to start a more professional looking piece of work. In the meantime, I'll keep on adding my ideas - they might get lost otherwise..