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chaotica SJflower tutorial by fractist

By fractist
This is a tutorial about  making flowers with"separation"&"julian" in chaotica.
My first time to make a fractal tutorialBoogie! 
Have fun!
Here is a parameter
Special thanks to my friend ediary for the typeset work^_^
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That's really lovely! I tried that tutorial with JWildfire but just couldn't get it to work.
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A very nice-looking tutorial, with some great results! Do you think it'd be possible to replicate the technique in Apophysis? Having said that, I'm becoming more and more tempted to give Chaotica a go. :)
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Thanks!Sorry for the late reply,I can not visit the DA Web these days,Network problem in my Country.
Yes it's possible to replicate the technique in Apophysis.All my 3d fractal flowers were made with the same tec in apo.
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ty for this wonderful chaotica tutorial!
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hey, what software is this?
thank you!
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chaotica,have fun!
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cool ^^ i will try it out later :)
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Thank you for showing this... Really appreciate the step-by-steps!
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Very useful tutorial, especually for me, novice in fractals cretig. Thank you!!
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Glad to hear that,I was hope this could be helpful.
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thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:) (Smile) Most of  my fractal flowers were made using  the “SJ” way.Chaotica not support 3d flowers,but we can use the same way in APO,or Jwildfire,just need to add some ztranslate,zscale,zcone.
There will be a 3D-JSflower tutorial 
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yes apo 3d flowers r awesome
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