Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007
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Hi folks,

It's my pleasure to announce the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007 is now open. As with the 2006 contest, we are asking for artwork to be submitted that will appear in an exhibition in Spain later this year. We are still finalizing a few details about that, but we are opening the contest now so that people can contribute.

Because our goal is to select artwork for exhibition, you need to be able to produce a high-resolution version of your image. Usually, this means at least 8,000 pixels on the shorter side. If you cannot produce a large version of the image, you should not enter that image. (This tends to be a problem with Apophysis images especially; you may enter them, but keep in mind that very large Apophysis renders take an extremely long time. Start now.)

Although eventually you will need to provide the large image (if yours is selected), to enter you need only provide a more modest size (1,600 pixels on the longest side). Images produced with any fractal software are acceptable. For complete rules and online entry, please visit the contest web site:…

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it can be any fractal you like :) it doesn't have to purely fractal either (though the less fractal looking ones don't usually win)

unfortunatly though, this competition closed at the end of July, although it looks like the page it is still accepting submissions...
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JurrivortexHobbyist Digital Artist

does it have to be a mandelbrot?
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milleniumsentryProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for posting this!!