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2021 JULY Challenge: Bohemian Dome Textures

2021 JULY Challenge: Bohemian Dome Textures Preliminary Remarks: Last month we explored one of the Public Formulas with the word “Plug” in the title. Some formulas, colorings and mappings have a browse button for plug-ins but do not have the word “plug” in their title. At the time of this writing, a few of these are as follows: A: THM.ufm Generic Switch with 50 plug-ins under THM.ulb, 142 plug-ins under REB, a lot under OM.ulb. and a couple of others. B: JLB.ufm Simple Switch Formula, with OM.ulb and REB.ulb having a lot, and a few others having some plug-ins. C: RKB.ucl with “Single Shape” having a selection of plug-ins. D: OM.ucl: the three Owonomo colorings. E: REB5.uxf with OM.ulb having four plug-ins. Only four of his hundreds of plug-ins are present here. Some of the other formula writers have a few and others have none at all. Those who have none at all are apparently listed because they do have plug-ins somewhere else in Ultra Fractal. There are other formulas

UF Challenges

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Corn Field

Mandel Browser

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3D anaglyph Thinking about architecture 15


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Sea Shells


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Apophysis Resources

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Rings 2 and Curl Tutorial

Apophysis Tutorials

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Wire Blob


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Julia 1


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Chaotica Tutorials

This is an index of my current tutorials. Feel free to comment on them here, or directly. :D Chaotica Basics Chaotica: An Introduction Chaotica: Edit the World Chaotica: Linear Latitude Chaotica: Transform Examples Chaotica Intermediate Chaotica: Circle Inversion Chaotica: Transform Chains Chaotica: Elliptic-Splits Chaotica: Elliptic-Splits Part 2 Chaotica: Camera Spiral Chatica Advanced Crystalise Xforms Chaotica: Generating Transform Previews NOTE: I have updated the links to the new host. Have fun everyone!

Chaotica Tutorials

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Digital Art

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Tutorial: Draw a Creature Wing with AbigailLarson

Learn How to Draw a Creature Wing Thanks to @ryky, you can learn how to draw a dragon, but if you're looking to add even more detail, you need to check out @AbigailLarson's tutorial on drawing creature wings. You may remember this from last fall, but now there's a brand-new badge available! We can't wait to see how your ability to draw creature wings has grown. To participate, follow these steps: Watch: View the tutorial below to learn @AbigailLarson’s technique for drawing a creature wing. Create: Use the steps in the video to practice, or incorporate the techniques into a new piece. Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialCreatureWing to get the profile badge! Examples to Get You Started Check out these examples below and browse other submissions. Do you want to keep practicing and collect more badges to display on your profile? Check out more tutorials: How to Draw an Eye :tutorialeye: How to Draw a Hand :tutorialhand: How to Draw a Landscape

DeviantArt Tips

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Jessica And Her Broken Doll


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Fractal Explorer spot files

FE Resources

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Fractal Explorer Tutorial

FE Tutorials

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Fractal Fun Explorer, first attempt.


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SFS Params

      43100A4810094E100952110956120A5F1609691A0A721F0D      7C210E85230E83220D82220C7E230C77210D70200C691E0B      5A1803561602531402521303511305520F05510D04500C05      4F0C044C07064B05054A04044302033A0403300503270403      1C0201190200170200130301110401110301130401160400      1706011808031808031909041A0904190904150A04120A04      0C0A040B09040B09040A0904090903090A030A0C060D110C      0D19111521161F271A2E2C1D4330224F382762442C71502D      9659269B5824A05823AA5924AF5E21AC6221AB601FA45A19      9D4E1A9745198C40178439187B35196E2A1F62202053171C      441017390F112E0E14240C131B091212050D0E04070C0706      0F0909150D0B200F0D3110114313

Flame Parameters

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Fractal Explorer

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Aqualung extended

Fractal Manipulation

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Pattern Implant


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Fractal Resources

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2qyiuehiqhui2 power up fractal stock


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Round and Round


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A Pair of Fractal Wings


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Tempestuous Tides


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Moon Drops


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Happy Halloween


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Half N Half


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Editing of infrared photographs using Photoshop

Infrared Photography I would like to show you my way of editing infrared photographs using Photoshop CC and the NIK plugins Viveza 2 and Silver Efex Pro 2. I started about 10 years ago with infrared photography using a Fuji S3 Pro body and two Nikon lenses. Having not been satisfied with the endless exposure times, I bought a used Nikon D70 having taken lots of infrared photographs over some years. In 2013 I decided to buy a new Nikon D90 body and had it converted to 720 nm. My newer infrared photographs are all taken with the Nikon D90 converted to 720nm by Optik-Makario, Germany. At the moment, I am using a 18-70mm and an 18-200mm lens by

Infrared Tutorials

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Panorpa Communis five out of six


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Spirals: What an Addiction

Lately I've been making all kinds of spirals, seems I can't stop making them. All of the spirals I've made so far are made from random batch fractals with usually 2 transforms and on occasion a final to give it a different shape. I've been thinking I would make a tutorial on my approach to making spirals and want to know how many of you would like to learn more. I know these are old school fractals but once you start you might not want to stop, let me know if you are interested. Here are a few samples: :thumb299642673: :thumb301239931: :thumb301236377: :thumb306568045: :thumb306342323: :thumb302332592: :thumb306569675: :thumb306345156: :


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Fossilized octopus


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Glassy Spiral

Jux With Parameters

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JWildfire Peeks At Tweaks V1


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JWildfire Resources

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Alone But Not

Can we be alone when we are not? I think so. We are there, they are there, but we are alone. Can others know the emptiness of loss of love and friendship? When that company is there, but not? Others too are there but not. They have their lives, their families... Do they care, I think so, But perhaps not enough to know the loneliness that is now here, How could they? The despair that one can feel when a loved one is there but not. Those of us who know understand that, We are alone but not.


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Halo of the rainbow

Mandalas and Kaleidoscopes

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Deep Mandelbrot Set #129 Magnification=2.27e+885


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MB3D Resources

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Baroque Steampunk

MB3D Tutorials

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Flying Garden ...

MB3D With Parameters or Formulas

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