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Trying to Manifest Themselves in the Sunlight

Returning to the land of Shadows. See my journal Ghostlike shadows of the Mandelbrot setUPDATE: Check out the deviation Celestial Shuriken 2 uploaded by :iconubermari0: and follow the links under Artist’s comments. He have found exact the same ghostlike phenomena described in this journal :wow: The difference is that in this case the phenomena is visible thanks to inside filter. Whiteout inside filter the central basin in Celestial Shuriken would be completely black :omg: Also check out the other part of his wonderful fractal gallery :)
This journal refers to some Ghostlike phenomena I have found using the Compass formula z -> z^d - da^(d-1) z (see article 27 Compasses in my Chaotic

Note: This is a 1-layer image.

An in-zoom in the upper left region of the earlier deviation Floating Mandelbrots in Golden Ocean by FractalMonster  .

Software: Ultra Fractal.
Formula: Extended Compasses (adding a parameter "b". the full parameter space becoming a four dimensional hyper space).
Below the UF parametr file. Play and have fun :)

TryingToManifestThemselvesInTheSunlight {
  title="Trying to Manifest Themselves in the Sunlight" width=800
  height=600 layers=1 credits="Ingvar Kullberg;12/9/2019"
  caption="Background" opacity=100 method=multipass
  center=-0.08487920619925/-1.426204586175 magn=141.85414
  maxiter=100000 percheck=conservative filename="ik3.ufm"
  p_PlottedPlane="6.(b-real,b-imag)" p_hide=yes
  p_areal=0.933323627439504 p_aimag=0.808413260392826 p_breal=0.0
  p_bimag=0.0 p_xrot=0.0 p_yrot=0.0 p_xrott=0.0 p_yrott=0.0 p_zrot=0.0
  p_LocalRot=no p_diff=no p_bailout=100000 p_dbailout=1E-6
  smooth=yes index=0 color=8716288 index=100 color=16121855 index=200
  color=46591 index=300 color=156
  smooth=no index=0 opacity=255
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I always love your digital beauty! Great job again!

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Thanks a lot, Scott :blushes:

.. and thanks for the :+fav: :)
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I miss making my fractals but theres nothing good in a Mac that will generate them for me. I love Apple but i need a Windows cpu as well...

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Unless you buy Ultra Fractal, which is available for Mac also ;)

If it wasn't for UF, I would mow ave totally abounded Windows
for Linux. I run Win7 on my stationary, but 2 Linux distros on
one big laptop (elementary OS) and one minilaptop (Linux Mint) :)

BTW, isn't it possible to install Windows besides MaxOS on a Mac?
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Oooh, black blob in an orange substance? Makes me think of grease and oil on a grill. Nice colors.
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:thanks: Note that not all of the black is compact. there are areas that are a little bit "transparent" ;)
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Yes, I see that now. Great detail!
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This motive is zoomed in from such a region ;)
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