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Halloween Spiral

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Download for 1280x960 resolution

The left spiral of the previous deviation Halloween Elephants.

Software: Ultra Fractal
Color routine: Continuos Potential Method (CPM).

Below the parameter file, play and have fun :)

HalloweenSpiral {
title="Halloween Spiral" width=640 height=480 layers=1
credits="Ingvar Kullberg;10/31/2011"
caption="Layer 1" opacity=100 method=multipass
center=0.254568725242685/-0.000498578650372895 magn=81574.11
maxiter=50000 filename="Standard.ufm" entry="Mandelbrot" p_start=0/0
p_power=2/0 p_bailout=100
transfer=linear filename="spr.ucl" entry="ContinousPotential"
p_auto=yes p_auton=2.0 p_n=1.0 p_numfact=30.0 p_scale=1.0
p_smooth=no p_epsilon=0.5 p_illustr=no p_limiton=no p_limit=0.1
p_index3=0.0 p_index1=0.99 p_index2=0.0 p_speed=0.5 p_acc=1.0
p_clog=yes p_power=2.0 p_reversed=no p_test=no p_testvalue=0.7
smooth=yes rotation=-67 index=45 color=16769268 index=87
color=2445567 index=-58 color=2104360 index=-27 color=15794175
index=-20 color=1911101
smooth=no index=0 opacity=255
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Wow! This is Amazing never seen this before beautiful.:D 
FractalMonster's avatar
ooh, it's a classical motive from the Elephant Valley ;) Really glad you like it :woohoo:
PaMonk's avatar
You're Most welcome :heart:
Seen it a friends more like this so had to view and see.:D
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FractalMonster's avatar
A classical Mandelbrot motive from the Elephant Valley :) :thanks:

BTW, have you heard about the Mandelbrot set and fractals before?
pisoulo's avatar
You'll be sorry to hear but no.
I recently got to know about fractal art. I don't know anything about it. 
FractalMonster's avatar
Yeah, I become very soory :tears: *joking:. But don't sweat, we are here to learn. I'll put some recycled info in a note for you. Hope you don't mind ;)
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Thank you for the download! How do I tip you for the download? I can't seem to find a way on this site? Best, Rick.
FractalMonster's avatar
Click the download button to the right :thumbsup:
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The colors are woven perfectly. While trying fractals I feel like I'm weaving art with the math.
FractalMonster's avatar
Coloring fractals may sometimes be the real tricky thing ;)
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Once I start I have to sit and watch them do whatever they're doing. My husband finally turned off the computer.
It's like a drug.
FractalMonster's avatar
Glad you like it :D
.. and thanks for the :+fav: of it :onfire:
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I love this...the emphasis on the contrast of color and the unique pattern of them ^_^.
FractalMonster's avatar
Then I've succeeded with the coloring :blushes: Thank you so much :heart:
tionnahemcrae's avatar
You're welcome and wonderful job ^_^.
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i love this one .Just a bit like yin and yang. :)
FractalMonster's avatar
Ooh I never thought about that ;) Thank you :heart:
HannaHeS's avatar
My first association just yin & yang. :D
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