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Soft Fibonacci Spiral v1

Green, to remind us of spring :D
Ultra Fractal 5.04
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Hello Scot, I am another fan of your beautiful design. May I please use it for my website?…
Cheers, Eleni
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Yes, same rules apply, linking back to original, etc. :D
Hi, Scot, 
I've been searching for an image for my business cards...and this is it! May I please use it? 
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As you may or may not have seen in the other comments, it is a popular piece.  Feel free to use it.
Thanks. It's exactly what I wanted when I imagined it. 
Hello mate, Im from South Australia, and I wouyld like to use part of your fibonacci spiral in my company logo, would that be o.k with you.

From Jamie Mathews
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No problem, have fun :D
Hi Scott, Thats amazing!  I'm working on a not for profit permaculture website and would like to use the image as a background for a design section.  Will link back as you've requested, would you be ok me using the image?  Cheers
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Sure thing, enjoy.
Greetings! I'm part of a team that's launching a permaculture school. Are you ok if we used one of your images? Thanks much! 
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Hello, I am writing a book on nutrition and I would like to use your soft fibonacci spiral v1 on the preface page? I would include your name at the bottom. Also would you consider letting me use some of your other gorgeous art for the book and my slide presentations?

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Hello fractlfiend.
I have sent you inbox as well but not replied so far.
Can you please inform me if i can use this spiral V1 as logo to my business? (cards, site, signs etc) of course with your signature as creator.
Please advise the procedure, if available.
Thank you,

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Mary, I replied to your query, (or at least dA claims I replied). Yes, you may. Have fun and good luck!  
Thank you so much fractlfiend!! Your name will be written on the bottom of the logo..and your reputation will travel all over Greece!! :) :) :)
Thank you so ever!
My best regards,
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This is beautiful!  My son is a Massage Therapist and a big fan of the Fibonacci.  If I wanted to use this image for his business cards and website (when we get to that), I will gladly link back to this.  However, for the cards, is it okay if I just have an "Fibonacci image by Scot Rabowski" on the bottom of the card?  Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks!
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Sure thing. As long as you link back to the original, no issues at all. The name piece is fine as well.
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Your pictures are exquisite. I could stare at this every day and never grow bored.

Do you allow people to use your pictures on a website? I'm working on a site for a non-profit that would be improved by your image (on one page) of about 8 pages. It's a space that is about 350px by 500px - I'd give you credit (bigger than what you have here) at the bottom edge.
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As long as you link back to the original piece and don't make a profit from it, I'm ok with it being used.
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Hi Scot, Thanks very much. Last night I wrote you the WHOLE story, and I touched somewhere on the Wacom tablet with the pen and it all jumped away. I'm not familiar with Deviant Art mail, but I'm assuming you didn't get that message. If you did, please disregard.

The holidays were crazy (large extended family) and I stuck a screen shot of your fractal in a corner of the page as a placeholder for the logo for the nonprofit. It's for my sister from SF who visited (Santa Barbara), and her group of dedicated health professionals. The nonprofit was supposed to be named PHI, so I thought a nautilus would be perfect, but it ended up being HIP - Homeopathy Institute of the Pacific.

I spent 3 WEEKS! on about 35 drawings and gave them 8 finished logos from which to choose. Well damn, they liked the "original" better. I asked, "What original?!" They meant your fractal!

I made a color change, and I bumped up the size of your name. I put it IN the picture, and the whole bottom corner is a link. You'll also be linked through the sitemap, and the xml sitemap on the server. I do prefer green... If this is not acceptable (and I understand) I'll remove it immediately. It's at [link]

Thanks again, your work is incredible - Ronnie (Herrmann) which is where HERON comes from -
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Since it is being displayed at such a large size, the name ends up looking somewhat out of place. Feel free to drop the opacity 50 or 60% ... If there is an about page you could also just link from there and drop the name on the piece entirely.
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OK, thanks, I'll play with it tomorrow.
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I'll tell you the WHOLE story after I put it up.... I'll write you a message and send you a link. Thanks so much.
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