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We are a community dedicated to exploring the
beauty and wonder of fractals. Fractaldreams welcomes submissions of all types of fractal art and all members
who create mind-boggling works of art that explore unseen dimensions.

The Dreams contest has ended and the scores totaled and we must say that there was only ONE point difference between 1st and 2nd Place!

Dream Incubator by titiavanbeugen
:winner: Dream Incubator by titiavanbeugen :winner:

:icontitiavanbeugen:  Congratulations Titia on winning a Three Month Subscription to Deviantart :clap: :trophy:

Apophysis Dream Sequence by Gibson125
:winner: Apophysis Dream Sequence by Gibson125 :winner:
Congratulations Gibson on winning a One Month Subscription to Deviantart and A Feature on :iconcolliemom:'s Journal :winner:

Dreamscape by desmo100
:winner: Dreamscape by desmo100 :winner:
:icondesmo100:  Congratulations Desmo100 you Will Receive a One Week Feature of your Third Place Entry  on the Fractal Dreams Front Page:trophy: :winner:


We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of the entries and enthusiasm for our first of many contests.  This was a very hard decision for all of us involved in the voting process.  Two Admins and the Vice Admin narrowed 48 entries down to 3 different picks each, for a total of 9 finalists.  Once the 9 finalists were chosen, we had two Artists, one a talented fractal artist :iconhalcyon83: and the other a talented Varied / Pencil Artist :iconpurpledaizie: use a Points system to choose the Winners. The points were based on the following criteria, with 10 possible points for each:

1. Clear, quality render with no unintentional noise.

2. Clear color (not muddy or too dark)

3. Good composition and placement

4. Reflects Dream Contest Theme

5. Fractal is foremost in piece

Although each and every one of you are winners in our book, we have decided to give honorable mention to the other top entries as follows:

In My Dreams by :iconphoenix75:

A Midsummer Night's Dream by :iconlaurengary:
A Midsummer Night's Dream by laurengary

Sixth - TIED At Sixth!!
Hippie Dreams by :iconladydetemps:


Daydream by :iconalterren:
Daydream by Alterren

Dreams of Spring by :iconfaded-ink:
Dreams of Spring by faded-ink

Microcosm by :iconamberwind:
Microcosm by amberwind



Admins / Founders

Vice Admin

Contest Coordinator

Community Staff (to Assist with Any Questions or to help with any Fractal Programs):


Joining Fractaldreams:

Simply add us to your Watch List, Note us and we will Look over your :gallery:.  We will then send you a Welcome to FractalDreams Note.  Everyone is encouraged to join in the Fractal Fun!! :D


To send in a submission, you simply note us with a link to your deviation.  Yes! It's that Simple!!!!  We will do the rest.:D The only rule we have, besides asking that you limit your submissions to three per week, is that you do not :+fav: from this site and give the artists credit due them.

Contests By Members and Clubs

Contest by ImagersFractalDDs :iconimagersfractaldds:
Create A Landscape Fractal Contest
Create a Landscape, Waterscape etc See Rules here:

First Place
A week's Journal Feature by *laurengary
A week's Journal Feature by =shrapnelhunter
A Journal Feature by *FractalDreams

Second Place
A week's Journal Feature by *laurengary

Third Place
A week's Journal Feature by *laurengary


"Black, White and Something More Contest"
For Rules and More Info check it out here:…
Contest Dates : Starting October 16, 2007 - December 1, 2007
1st Place: 3 month sub + Full Feature in their journal (Q&A, and thumbs of 10 pieces from your gallery)
2nd Place: 2 month sub + Feature in their journal of 3 pieces from your gallery
3rd Place: 1 month sub + Feature in their journal of 2 pieces from your gallery

:rofl:Mystery Points Contest :rofl:
Join this hysterically funny Contest with No Rules at:…
Deadline of this contest is New Year's Eve!

We look forward to our talented members' continued contributions to our Worldwide Fractal :community:

Individually, we each carry with us a piece of what makes this community ... We Thank each and every one of you for your support. :hug:  

Our Awesome Members:

:iconphoenix75::icongibson125::iconlive2b::iconthelma1::iconfraxa::iconpatgoltz::iconmoofied1::iconsterlingware::iconsparx222::iconomey::iconchaotic-mimustock::iconkaish::iconhalcyon83::iconashmaster100::iconcorneliayoder::iconaerphis::iconhippiekender::iconerosa::iconcothe::iconninthtaboo::iconcharcoaledsoul::iconthanados::iconterrye634::iconim1happy::iconrcpage::iconkhfractals::iconguarani::iconhlgem::iconscootnoodles::iconloren-macgregor::iconstitcherladyxx::iconsoulneverlies::iconrobcarlis::iconesintu::iconsilverb::iconbobbi-styles::iconfarore501::iconmerianer::iconannakirsten::iconmillipedes::iconsengirvampire::iconlaurengary::iconfractaleyes::iconshrapnelhunter::icongoldenlordfreeza::iconda-mar::iconvanshira::iconclairejones::iconmisterxz::iconf--l--a--r--k::iconwyrdwolf::icondoublescoot::icongillsdigitalworld::iconsophquest::iconladylotusdragon::iconraemed::icontwenty4e::iconjemirakx::iconxsindy::iconsubcarrier::iconmoonperfume::iconniluge-kiwi::iconideviant::iconvelvet--glove::iconcolliemom::iconerosa::iconjustravelin::iconinfiniteiterations::iconanyaartandstock::iconkainapophysis::iconbrightshade782::iconlyinryan::iconfractaleuphoria::iconturborider::iconrozrr::iconsweetangel1::iconbeatlefreak::icond-p-m::iconsteell::iconbcre80v::iconlonesomefaery::iconhadarniel::iconbluesman219::iconlucid-light::iconanaesthetica::iconalterren::iconfeverantobsession::iconmeiresthai: :icondzerzhina::iconienjoyham::iconnisaza::iconbarking-mad2::iconglasshound::iconportnbrandy::icongosiekd::iconerror-406::iconandreipavel::iconianmacappin::iconemasworld::iconjoshcartledge::iconsenshibr::icontooblai::icondesertspringtime::iconneomwh::iconartstarter::iconbaby-snakes::iconann-mclaren::iconsatril::iconboom-neko::iconlilyas::icontrashydragon::iconshelbycarleton::iconlapishouse::iconmzkitty45601::iconcvaznis::iconeel-ecurb::iconzooreka::iconactionjack52::iconmfcreative::iconladydetemps::iconamberwind::iconjanem::iconpumakitten::iconwizerkizer::iconpannyhb::iconwandelfalke::iconpsychodreamer4::icondesmo100::iconbabymik::iconyenkoff::iconibon16::iconjenna-rose::iconelectricdawn::iconalsetalokin::iconcazzart::iconjimpan1973::iconone-tough-one::iconfragileimpunity::iconexpercf::iconkabuchan::iconba8y6irl::iconbaba49::iconkarma4ya::iconshaun-rules-4eva::icontrendyelf::iconhaluci::iconcyberxaos::iconpenny5775::iconneonrauschen::iconsaretta1::iconxantipa2::iconbrainsplatter::iconannushkka::iconryannasilverthorn::iconmobilelectro::iconquellist::icongreyfin::iconselfmadequeen::iconcontrarymary::iconfrchblndy::iconmaureenolder::iconwyntermute::icononlyalive8::iconhellfirequeen::iconmoforuss::icongeaausten::iconmagnusti78::iconamethystunderwood::iconbaz135::icondana-martinez::iconinfinitecreature::iconstephenzxap::iconspringdreams::iconobeyyourmaster::iconyourmung::iconfractal-kiss::iconbryancdonaldson::icongateman45::iconlafemmedelaisse::iconfaded-ink::iconglobalpuffer::iconkrissyorange::iconlenasartworxs::icontitiavanbeugen::iconthamuria::iconthetheoryof::iconivixivixvxii::iconspawn-of-dracula::icondroz928::iconmintyfresh::iconmax-fuchs::iconyasny-chan::iconfractalinda::iconharleybliss::iconcrotafang::iconfracturedrainbow::iconkdietrich::iconalp-dreams::iconnorif::iconsheleych::iconpyritie::icondonnalorelei::iconlauratyler::iconiritu::iconindelibly-yours::iconbandit4edu::iconmakinmagic::iconexarobibliologist::iconkitzerkief::iconkymemy::iconfractalyst::iconstrangedaze::iconblacknine-9::iconet149::iconkelseytroberg::iconallwaysjudee:

Other Great Fractal Communities:

:iconapophysis: :iconimagersfractaldds::icondigitaltweakers::iconultra-fractal::icona-world-of-fractals::iconmarbliciousfractals::iconfractalers::iconrevolutionfractals::icondigital-worlds:

Wishing everyone.........Fractaldreams!!!

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robcarlis's avatar
What a great selection of winners well done everyone :clap: :clap::clap: :clap:
Sophquest's avatar
:clap: CONGRATS to all of the winners! :w00t:
baba49's avatar
Congratulations to the winners :clap:
mintyfresh's avatar
Congratulations to the winners; lovely work! Bravo to all the folks who entered; what an amazing variety of interpretations of a theme; great stuff :)
FractalMonster's avatar
Congrats to ALL the winners :clap:
desmo100's avatar
Thank you very much for sponsoring this was fun and quite a challenge! My best wishes to the winners of first and second place. Third place is good, too, so I am very's such a great way to start Sunday!
FractalDreams's avatar
You are Welcome :D It was Fun and we enjoyed it..The voting was very hard but we have such a fun group here. Third is Awesome out of 48 Gorgeous entries :D We will be announcing another contest very soon :hug:
desmo100's avatar
Yay! I'll probably enter that one, too!
FractalDreams's avatar
Ann-McLaren's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners..
AnnaKirsten's avatar
Excellent winning choices - and I'm encouraged to see that they aren't all Apo pictures in the winning slots too! Not that a lot of them aren't good, and the second place one is beautiful, but somehow I always feel that Apo out-does any other fractal format in votes for contests in general.

I particularly love Titia's FE works - she really has the knack with that program!
FractalDreams's avatar
Well we look at all fractal generating programs and we used the points system for clarity, etc... We had some beautiful entries in most all fractal programs. I know that two of my picks were not apo, and that's all I do

Yes Titia's work is always outstanding. :hug: Thank you you Anna :hug:
AnnaKirsten's avatar
Apo coming out on top seems to be a pretty general thing normally - not just here, but on other sites too. I think it's because there's so much new stuff going on with it all the time, and everyone just wants to have a go!
lauratyler's avatar
WOO HOOO *applause* I love them all, and I think your choices are wonderful. I have to say, first place REALLY caught my eye when I first saw it. Definitely dramatic with the color, very dark darks to very light lights. The whole spectrum.
Lovely-Demented's avatar
Well done everyone! Congratulations to the winners!
Baz135's avatar
well i sorta knew i wasn't going to win...
i mean my entry was made a month ago, and i've gotten a lot better since then
i'll be ready for the next contest :salute:
FractalDreams's avatar
Awwwww Your's Was Awesome :hug: Your gonna get one!! hehe..We have more to come :hug: :hug:
InfiniteIterations's avatar
Congrats to all the winners!
ladydetemps's avatar
thanks for giving me an honrable mention :hug:
FractalDreams's avatar
Thank you for such a Great Submission :hug:
ladydetemps's avatar
your welcome. I look forward to future competitions ;)
FractalDreams's avatar
Well as you know hehe..we are getting ready to announce one soon ;)
ladydetemps's avatar
yeeeas. wink, wink, nudge...secret handshake. ;)
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