Donation journal! - FINAL UPDATE!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 16, 2011, 8:15 AM
EDIT:  :boogie: We made it - we got a massive donation from Brigitte-Fredensborg this morning and now have all the points we need.  A million thanks to everyone who has helped keep FractalDreams a supergroup for another year! :boogie:

This is our donation journal so we can hopefully keep the super group status. Being a super group allows us to share thumbs, which are ideal for competitions and are essential for the weekly features! We would dearly love to continue to provide this service, so any help at all is appreciated! :heart: We still have quite a way to go!

:target: Donate here: (remember to click the pink 'donate' button under the graph, else it won't appear in the list)

If you donate 1 point or more, we will put your icon in this journal, and if you donate 20 points or more, we will also feature three pieces of art of your choice! This is simply a way of expressing our gratitude for helping out. ^^

P.S. To see your current points balance, hover your mouse over the 'shop' menu at the very top of the page.

If you don't have points but still want to help us out, you could also offer incentives for those who do donate! (features, or even llamas :XD: ) :love:

:wow: Donators receive: :wow:
:bulletorange: Feature in this journal as mentioned
:bulletorange: Feature in caffe1neadd1ct's journal

:star: LIST OF DONATORS :star:

:iconbrigitte-fredensborg: 1303 :points:
Strange Flower by Brigitte-Fredensborg We are walking in the rain... by Brigitte-Fredensborg El condor pasa by Brigitte-Fredensborg

:icondazza1008: 520 :points:

:icon25percent: 500 :points:
Masked by 25percent The Tenth Elixir by 25percent Edges by 25percent

:iconshoughad: 300 :points:
Dark Desire by shoughad Undine? You just missed her by shoughad 24042010 by shoughad

:iconlupsiberg: 300 :points:
Challenge 52 by Lupsiberg Splits-Elliptic 03 by Lupsiberg Mandelbrot Blossoms by Lupsiberg

:icondr-koesters: 300 :points:

:iconvelvet--glove: 106 :points:
Love Is In The Air by Velvet--Glove Jewel of the Nile by Velvet--Glove January Flowers by Velvet--Glove

:iconlucy--c: 100 :points:
- Echoes - by Lucy--C another journey by Lucy--C enlightenment by Lucy--C

:iconjuancarlosdelavega: 100 :points:
[features to come]

:iconthelma1: 87 :points:
Sweet Spirals by Thelma1 Passion Flower by Thelma1 Branching Out by Thelma1

:iconsnow-valkyrie: 70 :points:
Complex Little Strings by snow-valkyrie This Walking Sleep by snow-valkyrie Until It Sleeps by snow-valkyrie

:iconeresaw: 50 :points:
Jungle fever by eReSaW Epi Center by eReSaW Destruction II by eReSaW

:iconrvallync: 50 :points:
Strings Attached by rvallync Following Saknussen by rvallync Boundary Beacon by rvallync

:iconvickym72: 40 :points:
B and W Phoenix by VickyM72 Mandelbrot Jungle by VickyM72 Taliscious by VickyM72

:iconhippychick-nm: 40 :points:
Springing Forth by hippychick-nm Fairy Dust by hippychick-nm Purple Gothic Heart by hippychick-nm

:iconlirulin-yirth: 20 :points:
The art of intrigue by Lirulin-yirth Divine love, divine light... by Lirulin-yirth It's a mad life - closeup by Lirulin-yirth

:iconlaxmijayaraj: 20 :points:
Buddha Under Bodhi Tree..... by LaxmiJayaraj Together for ever..... by LaxmiJayaraj Luxs Castle by LaxmiJayaraj

:iconskyzyk: 16 :points:

:iconannissina: 10 :points:

:iconamberwind: 6 :points:

:iconcoby01: 5 :points:

:iconni3nk3: 4 :points:

:iconalien-dreams: 4 :points:

:iconspamkiller: 4 :points:

:iconrhiannon104: 4 :points:
(and Rhia's planning to donate more later - that's all she had in her account at the time though :XD: )

:iconaspidina: 2 :points:

:iconcaffe1neadd1ct: 800 :points:

And thank you to whoever those anonymous donators were! :love:

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