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News & Submission Rules

Welcome to FractalDreams!! :wave: We invite everyone to Our Great community as a Member or Watcher! You will find some of the most talented Fractalists here on Fractaldreams!!

Please Check out our Weekly Features and Dream Box for Features of our many talented Artists located over here.


FD Rules:

To be able to submit to this group, you must be a member, not simply a watcher. :star:
To become a member, click the "join this group" button on this page. (Membership is approved instantly - do not include a question in your application as we probably won't see it since it's automated. Comment below or send a note if you have a question. :) )


Please NOTE: If you submit to the wrong folder you will only get a notice that your art was not accepted. We are having a lot of fractals which are not Wallpapers submitted to the Wallpaper folder and other folders such as Club Related. Your piece MUST be submitted to the 2013 Submission Folder unless of course it fits into another category. Thank you in advance! :)

We have a global limit of 2 per week to any folder. HOWEVER, if you have a submission to the following folders - 'club related', 'flame packs', 'gradient packs', 'scripts', 'tutorials' - then please note the club with a link to your deviation and which category it is, instead of using the groups system to submit. That way we can invite it into the club, and it won't use up one of your slots. That's our way of saying thank you to anyone who supports the community. :)

Our group is for fractals. We accept fractals created by any one of the many fractal creating programs. If your deviation belongs in the raw fractals gallery then it belongs here :)

We also accept fractal manipulations as long as the fractal is the main focus of the deviation. If your fractal belongs in the fractal manipulation gallery then it will most likely get accepted here. If the fractal is just the background to the girl in the long dress looking wistfully off into the distance at the flying piranha that is about to eat her then it should probably be in the photomanipulation gallery and it won't get accepted here.

We do not accept paintings. Not even the Mona Lisa.

We do not accept usually accept drawings, even abstracts, unless they display definite self similarity. That will be at the admins discretion.

We do not accept photography, with the exception of photographs of 3D printouts of fractals.

We do not accept digital art created in a non fractal generating program, such as photoshop, paint shop pro, gimp or muro. If we are unsure which program you generated it in and your deviation isn't in or doesn't belong in the fractal gallery then we will probably decline it.

And to clarify - we do NOT accept deviations created by the fractalius plug in. While those fractalized cats/tigers/table lamps are extremely cool we do not accept them.


:bulletyellow: If you have a completed fractal, submit to the 2013 Submissions folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a fractal wallpaper, submit to the Fractal Wallpapers folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a tutorial, submit to the Tutorials folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a script, submit to the Scripts folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a gradient pack, submit to the Gradient Packs folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have a flame pack, submit to the Flame Packs folder.
:bulletyellow: If you have something club-related (like a stamp promoting FractalDreams), submit to the Club Related folder.

:bulletorange: When viewing the appropriate folder (see above for links), click the "submit to this folder" button on the top right, and most likely you'd "contribute an existing deviation". Only one deviation can be selected at a time, so please repeat the steps to submit another (in the correct folder).

:bulletorange: At the moment, there is still the two fractals per week rule for submissions, to prevent inbox flooding.

:bulletorange: Please note, your deviation will NOT appear immediately, because we've set it up so that each piece requires approval from any moderator before it's shown in the gallery. This shouldn't be too long of a wait - certainly less of a wait than the old system of sending via note. This is to prevent people from submitting non-fractals to our gallery. :)

:bulletorange: If you have any problems, please feel free to comment or send us a note. :) We'll be happy to help you work it out.

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:bulletgreen:Dreams Contest 2007
:bulletgreen:Seasonal Celebrations Contest 2007
:bulletgreen:Decorate A Tree Contest 2008
:bulletgreen:Avatar Contest 2008
:bulletgreen:Birthday Contest 2008
:bulletgreen:Music Interpretation Contest 2008
:bulletgreen:Rainbow Contest 2009
:bulletgreen:My Favorite Time of Year Contest 2010

:bulletpurple:In Loving Memory
:bulletpurple:Birthday Gifts


Our icon was made with Titia's lovely image here and also this font.


Do You Love FractalDreams? Feel free to add these stamps, made by our Awesome Members, to your own page.
Fractal Dreams Stamp by AnnaKirsten:thumb79693964:
FractalDreamsGroupStamp by tina1138 FractalDreams Avatar by Leichenengel

Devious Renders Weekly #25 #26

Sun Jul 29, 2018, 11:00 AM

Oh Well by Len1
Welcome to Devious Renders Weekly! Let's have a look at the news and the Fractal Art Daily Deviations of the past 2 weeks!
Noes!MegaphoneIf you want me to include an article in the next issue, leave the link in the comments below!

What's up?

:bulletgreen: Mid Monthly Marvels!
:bulletgreen: Hidden Fractalist Vol. XXII.
:bulletgreen: Hidden Fractalist Vol. XXIII.
:bulletgreen: Voyage to the Unknown: Fractal Art
:bulletgreen: JWildfire 3.50 release: big update
:bulletgreen: Devious Renders Weekly #23 #24

Fractal Art Daily Deviations

Pale silk by musoller
My lovely spring by lady-AquaLena
Oh Well by Len1
Ludroste Fractella by imminiman
Buzy Newton by PrettyJu
Subluminal by RationalParadox
Hextgrid Bulbs by marijeberting

Skin by Dan Leveille

Devious Renders Weekly #23 #24

Sun Jul 15, 2018, 11:00 AM

Quantum Level by BrususArt
Welcome to Devious Renders Weekly! Let's have a look at the news and the Fractal Art Daily Deviations of the past 2 weeks!
Noes!MegaphoneIf you want me to include an article in the next issue, leave the link in the comments below!

What's up?

:bulletgreen: Feature - FRACTAL SUMMER
:bulletgreen: Space texture pack now available
:bulletgreen: Hidden Fractalist Vol. XX.
:bulletgreen: Hidden Fractalist Vol. XXI.
:bulletgreen: Devious Renders Weekly #21 #22

Fractal Art Daily Deviations

Gilding by bluefish3d

Personal Gratification by Lucy--C

mandelbulb3d_69 by Xenofish

Sea Crystals by aartika-fractal-art

destroyed energyroom by viperv6

playful space by KPEKEP

Quantum Level by BrususArt

Skin by Dan Leveille
More Journal Entries


:iconcaffe1neadd1ct: :iconszellorozsa: :icontatasz: :icondazza1008: :iconrhiannon104:







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Please don't take this badly, but I'm not sure if this is interesting to fractal artists. It's not uncommon for us to be accused of posting images that "were created by the computer, not you". That's one of the things we fought to be recognized, that we are 100% in control of the fractal creation process.
That's just my opinion, I don't want to attack you or anything. I'm sure that computer-generated art is interesting but I think this is a sore spot in our community that you may not want to poke ;)
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