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Elven sky

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Apophysis 7x15B rendered with Chaotica 0.48 improved in PI

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This is beautiful! All the colours are in harmony and the details are so, well, detailed =P (Razz).... All I fear is getting hypnotised by this piece Wink/Razz 
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I am at a loss for words because this is so beautiful...
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Oh, the lights and shadows... I'm captured. I feel watched by hundreds of eyes hidden here (even if they aren't actual eyes). I'm mesmerized and disturbed. It reminds me of infinity, never-ending cycles. Also, these orange lines look so out of place for me that they prevent me from falling too deep. Thank you for this art!
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I'm in awe... :bow:
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Thank you very much! :-)
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WOW!!! Love it! I just want to continue looking at it. So I don't miss a thing! :)
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Oh my... This piece is unbelievable.
The design is so intricate and awesome and the colors are well chosen and fit so well.
Truly a masterpiece for those who have no idea how to do this [like me] and maybe even for experienced fractal artists.
Sorry for my silly comment but i don't really have words for this.

This would be a fractal i would gladly put in my room in a very big size[50cm<1m]
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Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it!
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on the lighter side
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This is absolutely beautiful!! The design, the color and detail! Everything about this is wonderful!
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Thank you so much! :-)
WalkinginDreamlight's avatar
OMG the detail is amazing!

My eyes don't know where to look - it's holds such intricate beauty!

Thank you for sharing such an inspiring image :)
FractalDesire's avatar
Thank you very much!
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This image just took my breath away. Gorgeous. It reminds me of old astrological maps for some reason.
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