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My Bio

1) Who im?

Hello. Im Luděk. I started to render fractals with Apophysis in 2008 but I still identify myself as beginer because i took a break for more than 10 years. I ended my Apophysis experiments quite soon because there were so many things to do and so little time. My first Apo episode was followed by obsession for photorealism in 3D (Blender, C4D), Photoshop exploration (coloring and restoring old photos, photomanipulations, astrophotography etc.) and other computer timesinks (wow, wot, lol, tft, mtg).

Fractal picture randomly popped on my instagram few weeks ago (september 2020), I liked it a lot and it inspired me to give Apo another chance. I plan to map my progress there on DA with description under every picture ("dear diary, today i made another Julian"). My goal is to be able to produce pictures i like consistently.

2) What i do when i´m not wasting time with computers? (this is my grandmas question)

When I´m not staring on computer screen i´m probably: working (As a data analyst in corporate environment so im actually staring on screen there too), sweating in gym, sweating in sauna, reading some sci-fi or watching netflix with my hookah.

3) So what fractals I render and upload?

I´m trying to render atleast three final pictures every week. Not all pictures are good enough to be shared but I´m happy with my progress so far (even failures are valuable lesson). I have two different apophysis session types:

a) Sometimes i try to do something specific to learn it. I usually start with my older flames, tweak them 76876 times, render 10 test pictures and in the end it is usually something completely different from what i intended to do:)

b) Sometimes i just explore and try completely new things, without a plan, just to see "what does what" and "what looks good".

4) What looks good to me?

I was heavily influenced by ClaireJones back in 2008 and generally speaking i still like her "old style" fractals the most - julian, spirals, organic-like structures etc.

I like fractal renders which are not hiding a fact that they are fractals.

I like fractals reminding something else.

I like very detailed fractals.

I like to feel scale in fractal (So i like very detailed fractals, im repeating myself).

I like subtle final touches in photoshop applied to whole picture.

5) Where are my old fractals?

I decided to not share my old fractals and pictures from other programs than Apophysis there. Reasons are simple: My old fractal renders did not aged well (they are not terrible but my color taste changed over time quite a lot) and_they lack a details) and I never intended to share them. It is possible that i used somebodys else parameters or gradient as a test without larger tweaking and then forgot over the years that it was just a test and not my own creation. I would hate to accidentaly present these as my own creation when they are actualy not.


Favourite Visual Artist
Ten hundred, Benny Productions, ohnips
Favourite Movies
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Harry Potters, comedies with The Rock
Favourite TV Shows
Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Death Note
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Russian Village Boys
Favourite Books
Harry Potter series, Malevil,
Favourite Writers
Robert A. Heinlein
Favourite Games

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Thank you very much for the :+devwatch: rvmp

Ludek, thanks for the watch and seeing your awesome fractals, I am going to start watching you too!

Your work is absolutely beautiful. So many fractal images end up looking either flat and boring, or too sharp and geometrical, making it look artificial in an ugly way.

Your images manage to strike a great balance between these two poles.

Thank you sdo much!!

Thanks very much for the watch