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*Reminder to the new members about what fractal resources are and what will not be allowed in the group. So, please preview our gallery. *We do not accept fractal renders, except for those that contain the attached flame parameters in the description.
Using Resources All the resources available on Fractal-Resources (and on DA) have been provided by people who have generously shared their skills, knowledge and time helping us all make better Art. In order to encourage these individuals to continue to provide these valuable tools, there are several guidelines that should be followed. Be sure and read any rules for use. Give proper credit to the author/s in your comments. [remember some resources are licensed by law]. It is important to remember that scripts, flames and tutorials are meant to be a starting point. Use the resources in the spirit they were made, DO NOT simply recolor or make small changes to the work and claim it as your own.
Using tags like # chaoticaresources, fractalresources, apophysisresources, apophysisplugins, fractalparameterpack, etc can bolster someone to find your fractal resource easier. More information on that can be found here: What are the Best Practices for Tagging Deviations
I remember the fractal gallery from yesteryear and how chaotic that was for finding resources. For more information on DA Rules for use see: Fair Use and Your Submission Following these simple guidelines will encourage more people to create resources for us all.
Updated as of 1 December 2021
More Journal Entries

After thinking it through, I decided to amend our poll and ask you to give us by thumb of course 5 fractal works you consider ( you may include one of your own...) worthy of being a Daily D. This is NOT a token contest...just natural curiosity about the 

15 deviants said vote with thumbs of fractals

Gallery Folders

Apophysis Resources
Apophysis 7X V15C Chinese Langugae Pack by fengda2870
Apo Plugins WIP 3-24-09 Upd. by Fractal-Resources
Gradient Packs
SattaGradientPack#2 by 5atta
SattaGradientPack#1 by 5atta
Groovy Grads 14 by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Red and Orange gradient pack for Ultra Fractal by Velvet--Glove
Fractal dA Journal Skins
Incendia Images by BGai
Incendia Fractal Journal Skin 1 by BGai
Loreleft27 Working installable Hearts skin by loreleft27
Fractal Journal Ladies by Vivirmivida
Fractal Stock and Brushes
Floral Butterfly Fractal Stock by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Dreaming of Midnight Fractal Stock by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Wildflower Fractal Stock by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Autumn Legacy Fractal Stock by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Fractal Explorer Resources
FEs Variation Reporter by Fractal-Resources
JWildfire Resources
Fractals of the pandemic2 7 by ivankorsario
Flame50 by blenqui
Flame47 by blenqui
Glitchy1 Variation by snicker02
Mandlebulb Resources
Mandelbox on a rusty floor by ubEuGjSK
Miscellaneous Fractal Resources
Phoenix Experiments by FlyingMatthew
Ultra Fractal Resources
Triffic Textures 21 by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Jux Resources


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scottyjheo Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please stop declining my submissions. They are all Chaotica renders. Thank you.
rubydeva Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2021
We do not accept renders only resources. The name of the group is Fractal Resources.
FractalCaleidoscope Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2021   Digital Artist
If you open a Jux galley resources, I will put some parameterfiles etc. in it.
rubydeva Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2021
Jux gallery created
FractalCaleidoscope Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2021   Digital Artist
Great. I will start tomorrow if I can.
FractalCaleidoscope Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2021   Digital Artist
I'm sorry. but the option Jux does not pop up in the menu? 
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♥ GrazieHug CURSE YOU! :happybounce: 
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Are you looking for the person who created the script or the fractal piece?
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