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:wave: Hi!  Welcome to Miincdesign's November's article/feature :wave:

:iconspreadmoreloveplz:I am so excited about everything I get to do this month! I get to announce the winner of our Autumn Contest, introduce a new dA artist, show some of my weekly favorites, and remind you of our affiliates' contests.

One last administration note, please make sure you are placing your gorgeous art work into the correct folders.  If it is a fractal manipulation, place into the manipulation folder and not the main fractal program folder you used.  

On to my feature.

Free Pumpkin Avatar by sicara-deviantAutumn/Halloween Contest Free Pumpkin Avatar by sicara-deviant

And the winner is:


Autumn Star Gazing by bast4cats

Christina will receive 150 points for the member chosen winning Autumn fractal.  Thanks to all that entered.

:heart: I am looking for new blooming fractal artists, if you see one hanging out in the group, send me a note, I miss more than I catch.  They must be part of Fractal-Love and been a member of DA for less than a year.   Now, let me introduce you to Swoopswatkill  :iconswoopswatkill:

Swoopswatkill is from The United States and has been a member on DA for a little over 7 months.  He mostly works in Mandlebulb 3D, but initially started off in JWildfire.  He is a master of color and DOF!  His gallery is a must view.

Here are a few of my favorites from his gallery:  
Obsidian Ornamentation by Swoopswatkill Coated Candies Red Edition by Swoopswatkill Plague-Stricken by Swoopswatkill
Morning on the Crystalline Surf by Swoopswatkill From The Inside Out by Swoopswatkill Boxy Beth by Swoopswatkill

He has 2 DDs in his short time on dA.  

Of Ivory and Gold by Swoopswatkill Serreptitious Serentity II by Swoopswatkill

:iconspreadmoreloveplz:Marnie's Favorites From the Second Week of  November :iconspreadmoreloveplz:
(In no particular order)
MP43 ( Nothing Here ) by jtashley45 Dream by Luis-Bello A Cluster Of Friends. by clifftoppler Watery Vortex by HexaChronos Distorting mirrors. by Kondratij Braced Space by AureliusCat Piriform by kayandjay100 Sumday Afternoon by CO99A5:thumb493075427: Tribal place of rest by poca2hontas Infinity by ElenaLight batlh tlhInganpu' by eReSaW Organic Painting - Pong 883 by batjorge Sinuous by renatamag Samba Blasta by N-Team Mundus Cereris Patet by ScraNo Daisy Durbi by GrannyOgg Gold Dusted Petals by PrayingMantis69 A brush of green by French-Chocolaite Midget chakra by roup14 MB14  MBFantasy World ... 3 by Xantipa2 Retro-Gnarrrl by Hexe78:thumb492514473: Seahorses Basking in Sunlit Waters by AnnaKirsten Ziska by Sabine62 Autumn in Heaven by LaraBLN:thumb492369329: Thorns Delight by littleriverqueen dreamy by GLO-HE

Affiliates' contests/events

If you're an affiliate of ours, please feel free to contact us to promote your contests and/or to feature your winners~
:iconunframed-nature:     :icondailyfractalfeatures:     :iconultra-fractal-redux:
Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest: AUTUMN...:iconzubatlaplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconzubatlaplz:
:iconpumpkinborderplz: Autumn THEME 2014: "AWESOME ABSTRACTS of AUTUMN!" :iconpumpkinborderplz:
Let's Get ABSTRACT, and Let's BE AWESOME about it!
Unframed-Nature would like to try something a little different, as a group, for this Contest.
Using themes, colours, scenes, and feelings of the Season of Autumn, as we experience the season wherever we live around the globe, we would like to see artistic depictions and expression of Autumn as ABSTRACT ART.
This works well for media such as:
:bulletgreen: Photography, Traditional, Digital, Fractals, Collage, Mixed Media, Literature, and more, including some of their sub-categories.
If genre is new or semi-new to you, my most basic way to think about Abstract work, is in using these three together:
1. COLOUR- usually brighter than not, and how the colours work together.
2. CURVES, oft
:thumb485751654: November 2014 ChallengesHello all. First of all a little news for you if you have not learned of this already... the fractal community has a new Community Volunteer in the form of Silvia C-91 :iconc-91:
If you have any suggestions for activities, special features or artworks you feel deserve a Daily Deviation (Fractal galleries only) then do get in touch with her!
Congratulations, Silvia! :clap:
:spotlight-left: November 2014 Challenges :spotlight-right:
On to this month's business!... during the course of November we have a further two challenges for you to try your hand at. You may enter up to SIX images in total in any combination you wish to the two challenges (but no more than four to any one of the three subjects please).
Challenge 1: Grand Midget Hunt Challenge
For this challenge we would like you to try zooming into the Mandelbrot Set to find some Midgets (mini-Mandelbrot figures). To help you find and colour them I have written a special tutorial

We have reached our goal to become a super group, but we still are looking for your generosity to help with prizes for our contests, etc.   If you would like to donate points, please visit our points account.

Fractal-Love-Points :iconfractal-love-points:

Thank you for joining me this month!  Watch for next week's feature by poca2hontas

Until next month,

Marnie,       :iconmiincdesign:

© 2014 - 2022 Fractal-Love
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Thank you for the feature. Sorry to be late. I've been away. :)
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You are so very welcome!  :hug: Welcome back!
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Beautiful features!! Thanks for including one of mine :D :hug:
miincdesign's avatar
You are so very welcome!  Good to see you back :hug:
PrayingMantis69's avatar
Gorgeous feature. Thank you for including one of mine!
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You are so very welcome!
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Thanks so much for picking my piece as one of your favorites! :wave:
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You are welcome!
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A lovely feature, and thanks so much for including my seahorses, I feel honoured! :hug:
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You are very welcome!
littleriverqueen's avatar
Thank You so much for invite one of my Works.....Hug :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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You are so very welcome!
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Dear Marnie!
Thank you for including "Sinuous" in his magazine.
Congratulations to all the others chosen and, especially, to the winner.
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You are so very welcome :hug:
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Many thank you for including my fractal on this wonderful feature, Marnie, truly appreciated! :Heart Love: by RosaBlu
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You are so very welcome!!!
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Thanks for the feature, and nice selection there :)
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Thank you, and you are welcome!
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Congratulations to Christina, that is a very appropriate piece for Autumn! :clap:

Thanks for including one of my works in this feature, I appreciate it. :heart:
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Thanks so much dear
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