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Edit(27 Sept. 2016): Thank you so much to all of our donors! We were very far from our goal of 4796 :points: needed to renew our SuperGroup status, but thanks to some generous recent donations, we have hit our target, as you can see below!!! :excited: :squee: I have now reset our donation pool and from now on will do so every time we get enough points for SuperGroup status. :nod: THANK YOU so much again, we wouldn't be here without all of you! :heart:

I know this is long overdue... I had every intention of writing a journal for our points account but I never got round to it, and now the Activity update I had posted last year is gone. So I'll have to start over, but at least this journal will stay here and I can update it. Let's go! :D

So far we've received more than 10000 points from our generous donors (any amount that we receive through the "Give points" button doesn't show up in the donation pool). I can't give a complete re-cap of the received donations and what we've used them for, as dA only goes so far back... but we have spent 2x4796 (for SuperGroup status) and 200 points (for the winners of contests at Fractal-Love) = 9792 :points: 

Balance as of 23rd May, 2016 - 643 :points:

Balance as of 12th August, 2016 - 1178 :points:

Balance as of 27 September, 2016 - 5066 :points:

- 4,796 :points: used for Super Group status

Balance as of 16th October, 2016
- 100 :points: for winners of Jungle contest

Balance as of 6th August, 2017 - 1690 :points:

We got a few very generous donations and were able to use 4796 :points: on 18th October, 2017 to renew our Super Group status! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :tighthug:

Our current balance is 244 :points:

as of 11th February, 2018

I'm sorry we're behind again with adding donors' works to the Favourites of this account and the group! I was busy with work for a year, and I've been busy with school ever since the group was founded. I'm currently writing my thesis which means I should have a free summer to catch up with everything on dA! :D We have been doing the promised features in our journals every month, so at least some things have been managed. I will catch up, I promise. :heart:

Thank you so much for supporting our group! It means the world to me, and I know my other co-founders miincdesign and poca2hontas love the group as well. :iconloveyouplz:

Lily :iconannissina:
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Wow, that's so cool what we have accomplished in the short time we have had this group!!!!

I am currently having issues with my computer and I haven't decided when I should go ahead and by a new one.  I am able to do somethings from another one I own, but not fractals so coming on dA is not as exciting.  I will be able to do my journal next month, and hopefully by then I have a new one.  So if you don't see me around much know I am still here, and quite happy, just trying to get some money together, I hate not having this computer working :D
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I know right?! :faint: :hug:

I saw on your personal journal that you found the part you needed on amazon or something, that's great!! Hope all of our issues will be resolved soon, as it seems each of us is having a weird time. :heart: There's 1 more Sunday after the week you're scheduled for, so no worries about your feature if you can't do it on the 19th for some reason. :aww:
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I think I got it working for now!  The part is coming and my battery is hold a charge, so all is fine for now :D
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That's great! :D
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Well done for doing this, I hope to slowly have more time with less rushing to vets after work and then exhausted :hug: we all help each other in our group which is great! :)
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Thanks hun! :heart: It seems we're all having a weird period, hope it passes soon! :hug:
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