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Golden Fractal Geomancy by Spangler-Imagery
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Mushroom Soup 25 by Spangler-Imagery
Member 'Fractal Group Unlimited Gallery'
Zutosa by bobm
Loop the Loop Julia by bobm
Fuuzy by bobm
Xonocuyo by bobm
Elevation Of Lies by NimoStar
Dark fantasy 01 by StellaSky211
Cauliflower Coral by 4chemical2hemp0
Eye of the Colorstorm by 4chemical2hemp0
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Flower Fractal Bubbles... by FeliFairy
Crumb by acfranks
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Clay by acfranks
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Space Photoshop Brushes by mohamedsaberartist

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artic17 by ARTIK17
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'How to' Tutorials, etc. OPEN TO ALL
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Fireworks557 by scottyjheo
Fireworks556 by scottyjheo
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Fireworks554 by scottyjheo
'Competition Submissions' OPEN TO ALL
0220VF3 Tweak of Alienscape XXi by banner4 by Antonino1955
1290VF3 Tweak of Golden Pallisades by MickHogan by Antonino1955
1900VF3 Tweak of Pong 24  by Topas2012 by Antonino1955
0010VF3 Tweak of MB3D_1054_hd by 0Encrypted0 by Antonino1955
JGf_texture by 1219wlb
JBc by 1219wlb
The Gate... by FeliFairy
The Mirror... by FeliFairy


From: P.R.Spangler / GhostWriterSociety
Founder for #Fractal-Group-UNLTD
Date:July 15th, 2012

As of the past week, Fractal Group UNLTD., has been undergoing some reconstruction. What follows is a listing of the new submission standards and policies. Members have exclusive submission rights, to a few galleries in particular, and there are a few that are open to receive submissions from others within the DA community; where there are public galleries made available, Affiliates of Fractal Group have certain advantages over the number of submissions that may be made.
The previous organization and policies were a reflection of the Founder's love for all arts, and in the end, allowing for far too much to be included within a 'Fractal based community'. This has been changed, so that now, Fractal Group UNLTD. is focused specifically upon Fractal Arts, their display, viewing, and creation. The following is a listing of the various galleries that will be the focus of Fractal Group UNLTD., it's members and the D.A. Community at large.


- - - - - - Member Galleries - - - - -
"Featured Gallery"
The Featured Gallery will be comprised of artists who have met a minimum submission, each month, of ten works of art, within the membership of the group. The Founder will likewise announce in the public journal, the names of individuals who have met this submission criteria.

"(Member) 'Fractal Group Unlimited Gallery' "
The Fractal Group Unlimited Gallery, for members, is for the display of Fractals which ARE NOT accompanied by parameters, or scripting. Members are allowed to submit 5 works per day, with no maximum lifetime cap. Submissions from outside of the group's membership are not allowed.

"(Member) 'Fractals MEGA-SIZED' "
The Fractals Mega-sized Gallery for members, is for the display of Fractals which are of very large, enormous sizes. Members may submit 3 works per day. This gallery is not open to the public.

"(Member) 'Photo and Manipulations' "
The Photo and Manipulations Gallery for members, is for the display of personal photographic works, or works which contain fractals which have had elements added, such as figures, scenery, or other materials which were added after the rendering of the original fractal. A common term used to describe such imagery is 'Photo-Shopping', if a program is used to alter the image, or 'Fusion', if another media is introduced. Members are allowed 3 submissions per day. This Gallery is not open for public submissions.

- - - - - - - Public Galleries - - - - - - -

"Fractal Collaborations Gallery (Open to the General Public) "
The Fractal Collaborations Gallery is established as a public gallery where Fractal Artists, who chose to list parameters, or scripts, along with their image, may do so. It is part of a long standing tradition, honored by many fractal Artists, to further others' understanding of Fractal Construction, and various programs' use, techniques, etc. In keeping with this spirit, our gallery for Collaborations accepts submissions from all; their is a benefit to be had by membership, or belonging to an affiliate group, in the number of daily submissions which can be made.
Members are allowed 5 submissions per day; Affiliates of Fractal Group UNLTD. are allowed 3 submissions per day; Non-members of the Group, or of Affiliates are allowed 1 submission per day.

" 'How To' Tutorials, etc. (Open to All)"
This gallery has always been open to everyone. Anyone wishing to submit a tutorial, a review on a fractal program, tips and techniques, are welcome to do so. All Submissions are greatly appreciated, by the whole fractal community. Policy in regards to submissions is 5/day for members; 3/day for Affiliates; 1/day for all others.

" 'Maps, Flame Packs, Gradients' (Open to All)"
This gallery has, likewise been open for all members of the Deviant Art Community. Here we list other types of 'aid' for the generation of Fractals; color maps, Flame Packs, and Gradients, used in the coloring of fractals. These can be singularly submitted, but typically are submitted by '.zip' file. Individual images that are suitable for use are welcome, as well. Submission Policy is 5/day for members; 3/day for Affiliates; 1/day for all others.

" 'Competition Submissions' (Open to ALL) "
The most recent addition to Fractal Group UNLTD., is our competitions folder. Any time we hold a FRACTAL COMPETITION, this is the folder to where those wishing to participate, may submit their works for consideration. There is a limit, for everyone wishing to be considered, of one (1) submission, per competition. Watch for announcements in upcoming issues of our journal, listed here, and 'Shouted' from the rooftops,..(Okay, had to slip one joke in,..)!

While Fractal Group UNLTD. had previously listed a general gallery, for Public Submissions, it had also been designated to receive the submissions from our group, which had caused some confusion. While members are perfectly welcome to submit fractals here, should they choose, we now have a (members only fractal gallery). For anyone who is not a member of Fractal Group UNLTD., and has fractal works they wish to list publicly, this Gallery is for your submissions. Submission Policy is 3/day for members; 5/week for our Affiliates, and 3/week for all others.

With all of this being said, I would like to make the following statement in regards to Membership Requests: In the past I have held the gates open only slightly, and made membership available only upon request. Starting today, membership is available to ALL FRACTAL ARTISTS. You have but to request membership,.. *POOF!!*,.. Done. I am not trying to run an exclusive group, here. I was just unsure as to how big it might grow, with an open door policy. We would like more members, people with ideas, suggestions for contests, new tutorials, etc. If you believe that you have something to offer this group, please feel free to request a membership. If you believe that Fractal Group UNLTD., has something to offer you,.. Please feel free to request a membership.

Thank you for your consideration, participation and memberships, one and all.
Peter Spangler, aka 'GhostWriterSociety'
If you are a member of our group, please take the time to READ the gallery headings and guides. Submit imagery WITHOUT Parameters to the General Gallery, please.
'Collaboration' Gallery is for images which INCLUDE PARAMETERS for others use. I am currently working to REMOVE any work which does not abide by these simple rules. SO if you find your work, in a folder other than where you listed it, THAT is where it belongs. I am giving fair warning,.. I will begin to delete and remove work from out of the WRONG folders. Sorry, I am being forced to do this because members are not following the very simple guides posted AT EACH FOLDER. Give me a break, folks, I am working alone here; have been without a computer, internet access, and am disabled. Work WITH me here,..

For the members who has remained in my absence, I say a big "THANK YOU". You are truly a credit to your craft and devoted to your work, and it shows. I am amazed by some of the imagery presented. I can't wait to share some of my own NEW creations with every one.

If we have missed your request to join Fractal Group UNLTD., SORRY,.. Really. I began the group, along with some very dedicated and talented artists, and the FACTS of life have made it difficult to keep up with my desire to maintain the group. If you can grin and bear it, so can I.
I will endeavor, for the moment, to try and get things reorganized; just that that is going to be a task in and of itself. So, everyone keep up the great work! AND please, submit your works to the correct gallery,..

Welcome to our new members! I am looking forward to seeing your work,.. and have seen some really nice work, so far. If you are not including Parameters with your work, please be sure to submit your artwork to the Members General Gallery..

Membership is OPEN at this time; I have been trying to get the auto-acceptance bit work out - couple of times, now.. so if it works this time around,.. YEAH!! If not, just drop me a note,..

Take care, Everyone!
P. R. Spangler, Jr.
AKa Ghost Writer Society
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