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White Ranger Redesigned

original and my version of the white ranger
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LOVE your redesign! Are you inking and coloring him, too???
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Very cool style and flow to the look!!
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Dude, this is so raw and D.O.P.E.! I would love to see this bad boy in Technicolor!
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dude this is awesome Mighty Morphin was the best
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No it wasn't. RPM is the best. Mighty Morphin, with the exception of Season 3, is one of the worst.
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well to Mighty Morphin is the best and we all have are favorites
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What makes it the best to you?
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its a classic and plus i grew up on most of it
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Umm...that's really not good reasoning.
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how is that not good reasoning
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Just because something is first doesn't make it the best. Look at My Little Pony. The first series was a generic 80s cartoon with poor characterization and writing. The fourth series, Friendship is Magic, has a diverse cast and well-written (for their genre) stories.

The same goes for Power Rangers' first season. The characterization is uniform and unrealistic, the stories are all variations on the same concept, and the thin budget makes things really stand out, whether it be poor imitations (Dragon Shield) or overuse of stock footage. The third season improves it slightly with slightly better storytelling and better use of costuming, but it isn't until In Space where the series becomes good for real, and stays that way until Wild Force, picking up again for RPM, which is basically Chris Nolan's Power Rangers.
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