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Galaxy Rangers

another 80s cartoon
the galaxy rangers, Definitively one of my favorites cartoons, i love the the characther designs, they changed his clothes depend of the situation, and that is weird for an 80s cartoon.
my favorite character was goose. in his metal and gold version.
the only think i hated was the robothorses.

the intro of the show. [link]
this drawing and the drawing of M.A.S.K. will be used int the magazine of the 80´s cartoons "cereal Geek" :iconbustatoons:
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All too short-lived a series. I miss the 1980s!
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Awesome art did u ever watch bravestar
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yes, i did a fanart of bravestar too
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Digging this very much.
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"No guts no glory!" Phenomenal opening, great piece here!
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I used to watch this cartoon all the time. 

I can still remember the theme song a little.

Great work man!!!
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there needs to be a crossover comic about all the 80's cartoons just like the do with hanna barbera characters
in future quest comic.

silverhawks,transformers, m.a.s.k, GI joe, thundarr,dungens and dragons, The Centurions, bionic 6 en the thundercats etsetra.
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that would be my dream, and that i can draw it
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if you did that would be awesome
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great job!  Rangers Are Forever!

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Before there was Captain Mal breaking the law, there was Captain Zach enforcing it. And Mogura, I used to get up at 4AM for this series. Totally worth it. It is still one of the best written animated series I've ever encountered.
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oh i loved this series... i was such a happy lil boy as i found out in germany they came together after saber rider

one of teh greatest thigs you know as 80's child standung up on 5 o'clock and watch them
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all was better then watching cpt planet and teh green pieceterorists
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Why don't they make such awesome cartoons anymore? :iconraegplz:
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awesome piece, one of my favs
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