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Hello everyone.
I am kinda sad for what I am going to say and do, but honestly I am bored about art thefts, dramas and same old stories. So I need to protect myself from this shit with some changes that I'm explaining below.

*** My Art ***
It's bored to run behind all those people who download my art and upload it anywhere. So I decided to upload my works in a lower resolution and with a bigger watermark (obviously not bothering the whole image but so that they can't cut it). At least I will be credited! And I hope people will see that those works don't belong to thieves. If groups don't like it... Peace!

***Premade Backgrounds and some Stock***
From now on I will use the Premium Content Platform because I am also annoyed to see resources to be sold on websites. Of course it will be a little amount of points, just to limit the redistribution.

I put no rule for them and I always shared my little knowledges without asking anything in return. The only thing I reccomended was that tutorials were only to learn new techniques. People could reproduce my works only on their PCs just on the purpose to learn. I expressed I didn't agree they would post my same art as it is but that they would create their own. Indeed I keep seeing people don't give a damn to what I say. My work copies are everywhere.
So tutorials will be on payment from now on. So I wll have more control on the situation.

I am sad and very upset about this. I saw a lot of stock providers are closing their profiles because they are not listened. This site will end to have only resources on payment.
To be honest I don't want to spend my time to notice people they can't do this and that. I have few time and I want to use it to support my friends or with something that can be constructive.


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~~ You are totally right in the course you have undertaken. We writers on DA have the same problem, and it is very hard to track down our stuff. I see so much stuff on Facebook that people have uploaded. I am behind you all the way. ~~~