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Free Photomanipulation Tutorial 001

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Well I certainly feel left out... all I get is the posted pic above and absolutely no instructions on how :(
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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tutorial, well explained and easy to follow
I love is my manip…
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Here is the photomanipulation I did, while I read your Tutorial!…
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Man, i just red your tutorial and it is great!! So much information and very understandible (sry^^)
You helped me much with this!
Thank you so so much!!! :squee:
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grate tutorial thank you very much
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Great posture! beautiful.
Travail-de-lame's avatar
Your tutorials are really greeeat :squee: Thanks from my heart :glomp:
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thanks man ,cant wait to lick it ...ill keeep you posted
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the tut doesn't work for me. all i see are pictures.
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You have to open the html file :)
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Is there a way to open this in other than RAR format?
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You need a software called Winrar that opens all zipped formats, .rar as well, its free, you can find it on Google :)
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It's me again, amazing tutorial, really helpful^^ Here's my version of it [link] Thank you a lot :)
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Amazing.. Only thing I would fix a bit the hair at the top ;)
ALoveHateRomance's avatar
Yes, I have noticed that as well, at the end and afterwards I have been looking for ways to fix such mistakes, it was too late though :( Thanks :)
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You can keep this suggestion for your next work ;)
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, I love it! :squee: I'll link as soon as I've finished a picture! :hexentanz:
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