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Comment and I will reply with:

  1. tell you something i learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds
  2. tell you a color you remind me of
  3. tell you what element i believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.)
  4. tell you what animal you remind me of
  5. ask you a question, and you must answer
  6. tell you something i like about you
  7. give you a nickname
  8. tell you what am i listening to right now
  9. tell you what flavor you remind me of
  10. tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already
Hello! :3 I decided to open some cheap traditional commishes! 

I'll be doing full color half-bodies! For just 10:points:!! So come over and get one while you still can! ^^ 

Here are the rules! 

1. One character per-person! 
2. PLEASE! Send me a ref to what you'd like to be drawn! 
2. No NSFW! (Suggestive/Sexual things)
3. No Fetishes/Kinks
4. I will not do any other character from any other fandom except the ones listed below vvvv

What I can do! 

- Cannon Characters and OC characters
- Human
- Dragons
- Skeletons/Ghosts and other various monsters
- Simple Robots (no transformers please :''D )
- Anthro/Animals
- AUs
- Light gore


-How To Train Your Dragon
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Sonic X
-The Binding Of Isaac
-Five Nights at Freddy's
-Bendy and the Ink Machine

- If you have read the journal rules please say in the comments "Bubble-Wubble" - 


1. Ray-Ken 

 Humanoid-Hookfang [Commission] Human Hookfang by Foziz105{DONE!} [Payment - DONE]

2. HeartStripe3  [Commission] Death by Foziz105Death Night Fury {DONE!} [Payment - DONE]

3. x2rc096  [Commission] Rebecca by Foziz105 Rebecca {DONE!} [Payment - DONE]

4. Sneaky-Bean [Commission] Bully by Foziz105 {DONE!} [Payment - Waiting...]

5. luckygirl868 [Commission] Lola by Foziz105 Lola {DONE!} [Payment - DONE]

am I ok?

NO. La la la Steven experiences a seizure. 
So about the 500+ requests. I will be doing them as quick sketches! I never really said what kind they'll be so there you go! 
So expect some request drawings coming up! 
Soooo... .I've gotten a little sick these past 2 days... And I will see whenever I'll post. 

So that means the requests/art trades/comishes ect. will take longer. 

But don't worry I'll try to do them as quick as I can. 

Here's a little reminder for me: 

Requests for 500+ watches (Not started)

Art Trades: 

TealTNT (sketch is done)
SinTzirkon (Not started) 

So please be patient. I will do them as soon as I feel better and up to drawing. :) Thank you.
I now proudly announce


So this is for my 500 + Watchers! As I said in my last journal. When the request slots are filled I will write 3 Qs and whoever answers them correctly will get a free request! ^v^


- When you answer I will hide your comment as soon as I read it. I don't want anyone to be cheating. 
- If you have already requested something from my last journal. You cannot request again. I don't stop you from answering the questions tho. It's all for fun!

So here are the questions! These questions 

  1. Which was my first ever OC? Hint: TMNT OC
  2. Which is my MOST favorite animal? 
  3. Which do I like? Reptiles or Spiders? 
There they are! If you know me. And have followed me for a long time. You'd know all the answers! ^v^ Good luck! 

SO YES! I just 500 watches! Thank you all so much! Thank you for staying with me this whole time. Enjoying my art, talking to

me. Thank you. :) 


As for the special I'll be doing 8 requests. It's first come first serve! 

  1.  TealTNT Ferine!Sans & GangTale Sans doing something cute  Ferinetale Sans reference by TealTNT
  2.  Two-Time King
  3.  KalaHamato Kala & Night having a monther/daughter moment  The return of Kala the turtle by KalaHamato  Kala by KalaHamato
  4.  Bingus-Domingus  Sackson and Sockler together 
  5.  Theweirdglitch Glitchy Glitch  Glitchy glitch by Theweirdglitch  UNDERTALE: She returns... by Theweirdglitch  fighting with Sans the skeleton for ketchup
  6.  NutellaStix Smol child by NutellaStix Sincere & Tom [Eddsworld]
  7.  Ray-Ken Erimain Full Reference by Ray-Ken Soul form 
  8.  ElisaCaleisa   Cameron and Camifox - (OCs) Eddpup and friends, EW by ElisaCaleisa Cameron and Camifox 
And one extra. But it will be open when the 8 requests are taken. I will write 3 questions on a new journal. And then whoever answers them correctly gets a free request.
So after the requests are filled up I will post it :)
For the requests here are some rules: 

-New watchers that have just watched me to get a request are not accepted (sorry but I don't like that =3= ) BUT If you watch me for my art. Comment down below and tell me if you'd like a request or just to congratulate me! :3

- Also send me a REF sheet of your character if you'd like your character to be drawn

- Share this journa If you'd like. It's not important if you don't but only if you'd like. So others can hear about it too. 


- Animals 
- Anthropoids (Anthros/ TMNT Related stuff)
- Humanoids (humans are the death of me so bare with me)
- Skeletons (Undertale related)
- Eddsworld :3 (the only humans I can EVER properly do XD)

NOT Accepting: 

- Full on gore. (Can do light gore. Just little scratches and tiny drips of blood)
- Inflation, foot and ect fetishes
- NSFW/Nudity/Porn ect. 

If you've read the journal please write "poodle noodle doodle"

That will be all! Enjoy! :3



Yes! OverSea is now officially released! 

As you've read by the title I will be making this a story-series! Last night I wrote the prologue to the first chapter! 
You will all meet with a few of the characters :) As the story unravels you'll meet more and more! And follow the characters on their journey throughout the 7 seas! :)

In a moment I will release the prologue and after so I will post how one of the important characters looks like! And as I post every chapter. I will post a journal so I can hear everyone on what they think about it! So stay tuned! :D
And hope you enjoy my wonderful series! ^w^ 
So my my cat Frida gave birth last night :happybounce: She only gave birth to 2 but what do I wake up to? 4 KITTENS! I  am so happy. And I was even there to see her give birth to the 2 first ones. It was so beautiful Day56 - Happy Cry All tho it wasn't easy. My mother started to freak out and all of the time I was saying "CALM DOWN!" I know it was the first time seeing our cat give birth but JEEZ! But anyway. After giving birth to the two little kittens she took them behind our old TV and snuggled up behind it with them. And just now my mother wakes me up saying she has 4 little ones. We are not quite sure if they are 4 or 3 but anyway I'm still happy about it! :D
So my little Frida has became a mother! I'm so happy! 

Well that's all for now :) I'll with my lovely Frida and her babies and watch as they grow up to be cute little fluff balls! >W< 
I just got back home! :3 

It was a lot of fun where I was camping at. I went swimming, I drew a lot (so that means I will be posting a lot tomorrow :'D) 
And I'm here to stay~! :3 I'll be back to my usual daily being online day :3 So yay~!

I'll talk to everyone now or tomorow~~ :3

I'll be going on a trip today. And where I'm going to a place there will be no internet!...YEP! You guessed it... We're going camping YAY! :3 I'm actually pretty excited since where we'll be camping there is a beach so woohoo! So I won't be able to be on DA or do much on my PC except play games I have and look at pictures XD I'll just have my trusty collection of sketchbooks and my art supplies! :3 
I have a feeling I'll be drawing some gift art and who knows what more. (because I am feeling my muse is needy to draw! :happybounce: 
And I'll be on hiatus for... I don't even know how long. But it will probably be around the max of 2 to 3 weeks??? Or less. I am more thinking of 2 ... but there is a good chance they could be 2. 
But anyway I will be offline. But! If there is the little spark of internet (which I doubt :'D) I will see if I can get online (probably not so don't get your hopes up dearest :'''D)

I'll be online for the moment so don't you all worry! :3

That's all from me! 
Buh-bai for now! 

I AM BACK! Safe and sound from my travel! :3 Right now its around 6 am so I MIGHT take a nap or I MIGHT not take one :'D

Also thank you to everyone who wished me a safe travel! Thank you all so much!! ^w^ 
I saw all of your comments on my last journal so don't worry! <3

Thank you all! And I'll be preparing to post art~ :3

Buh-baiiii :wave: 

See you guys and gals later! <3 Or in other words tomorrow!! :3 Love Meow :3 Huggle! :happybounce: Kraftwerk parrot 

Later on tonight I will be traveling with my mother. We're going to my grandma!
And also GREAT NEWS!
Just because I am travelling I ended school early! :happybounce: So no more school for me! :3 Which means more arts! And more and more and more thingiesssss!! X'DD We'll probably be traveling around 10 PM Eastern European Time :) 
I will post a status or a journal saying goodbye to you all so you all know I'm off :) 
I'll be back tomorrow with probably a bunch of drawings and stuff! ^w^

Wish me luck! And that's all! 

Buh-bye! :wave: 
<da:thumb id="684899417"/> < Here it is! :3 If you'd like one go check it out! 
Ok. I don't know how. But. 

I just lost 460 points! There is no transaction history in my points! And I don't know what to do :( 
Please help me and give me some advise... Right now I'm down to 148
<da:thumb id="666099019"/> < Go check it out! :D Her art is really cute and amazing!