Chame [UT OC REF]
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So let me introduce you to an OC that I have not posted about at all. This here is the second creation by Error after Poison. 
Ever since Poison found out the truth about himself, he left Error. 
Since Error got lonely and wanting revenge he decided to see if he made a child and raised him...Would he disobey him like every other?
And so, Chame was made. He may look like a sans but he is just a blob that can form into anything else. He only took that form because of the someone who looks after him.
Chame can change color and form. If stressed out his form begins to spike and change into bright colors. 
Chame is still young so he has lots to learn, but Error knows how to go around him. He makes him think bad things are good which makes Chame very dangerous. As his powers are very uncontrolled.
Have a bit of BIO: 
Name: Chame
ATK: ??? | DEF: ??? 
Behavior: Very childish, gets distracted very easily.

Hope you like em!
art by Foziz105 
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