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(French translation here)

As you maybe know, I moved in Spain past year and I have to travel a lot between Valencia, Paris, and Lille. I have to leave again for a couple of days, so here is the opportunity to talk you about my work survival kit! I had to find solutions to keep all the tools I need very portable (everything is in my hand bag, which is not so big), to install my office everywhere I want without a lack of productivity !

Computer: I finaly use Windows again... The Surface Pro 3 fits perfectly my need because it's very slim and portable, powerfull ( I can animate and work on HD illustrations), and mostly, because It's multi-functions: I can also use it like a pen tablet! The sketch feeling is very natural and smooth, the stylus is precise and comfortable. I still use my old Photoshop and Flash CS3, so I recently  in Clip Studio Paint Pro ( Manga Studio 5) which is great for sketching with this computer. 

Ipad: I mostly work for mobile games projects, so I have to try the apps and prototypes that my clients send me. But its biggest interest when I'm working on the go, is the possibility to convert the Ipad into a second wireless screen. That's usefull to have more space for all the softwares interfaces. When I had a Macbook Pro, I used Iscreen a lot. unfortunatly it's not compatible with Windows, so I switched for Air Display.

Watercolors: Everyday, I make illustrations or create textures. So I can't live without my watercolors! Here is a small box of Winsor & Newton:  it's very popular in France and it's quite affordable. I choosed it because of the size (it's small but there is enough space to blend the colors), pigments are vibrant, but also I can easily replace the colors by those I want. 

Brushes: I always have my pentel brush because sometimes it's not possible to have a cup of water. But I love to use my favorite watercolor brushes "petit-gris" from Raphael or Manet, I think it's much more comfortable to paint. The lines are very smooth and more precise. 

Gouaches: I take this small student set Caran d'Ache with me, because it's cheap but the quality is good enough for the use I need. This kind of paint is usefull because the color is vibrant and has a good covering power. I mostly use them to create some effects, hide a mistake, or add some details.

Sketchbook: I can't live without one! I'm always taking notes, doodling, scribbling, painting... Following my needs, I choosed the Moleskine Watercolor Notebook.  The 200-gram, cold-pressed paper is thick enough to use watercolors and other kind of paints, so it's a good basic to sketch on the go!

What do you think about the possibility to work remotly? Do you have some tips, tools, must-have to share ? Feel free to comment below ! :)
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super cool this, to see your art tools 
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Thanks, glad you like it! When I'll have a bit more time, I'll probably show more of the tools I use when Im not 'no the go' ! ;)
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Thank you so much for sharing your tips! :hug:
It's always a pleasure reading them!
Pentel Brush! I've seen it a couple of times in some other artists' pictures but I didn't know its name! Thanks a lot~♥ :worship:

I don't have many chances to work away from my desk. If I'm not home, I'm too much busy to think to sketch/draw ç_ç 
The best I can do is sketching while taking notes during lessons, but since I'm studying to be an engineer I can't lose a professor's word xD
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Thanks for the kind words!The Pentel Brush pen is very convenient for painting on the go, I would definitly recommend it if you want to paint something during your engineer lessons ! ;p
This time, there are not exactly "tips" but more something to share my personal habits and tools . The next one will be about watercolors! ( I will finish to write it probably when I will have some time this month!) ;)
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Hahahah my ticket for being sent out of the classroom xD

I've found them very useful for I lack of tools knowledge :nod: 
Let's say I don't have the means to experiment other media/tools ç_ç 
So, thank you again for your sharings! la in love 

Woo!! Explode la plz  I'm literally looking forward to reading it! Emoji26 
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It's good to know that you found the surface good for your job... I'm very affectionate to my old pc, but if it broke I would probably go for a surface, if it can hold adobe's creative suite very well like it says, I'd have a visual drawing tablet together with a pc, and that's not bad...
Just to know, do you have any problems with it like overheating or similar things? That's something I would like to know from someone who actually uses it ^^

Btw, funny thing is, I have those same watercolour box and sketchbook here with me XD
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Winsor & Newton watercolors and Moleskine sketchbook are very good basics! :)

Surface pro 2 & 3 run with Windows 8, so it can hold all your professional softwares like a regular computer. At the beginning, the stylus was not supported by some softwares but I think it's fine now.Check out the list on , and the best is to compare and try the different devices to see if that fits to your needs ! I would recommend it for a daily and nomad professional use. ;)

I didn't have too much overheating issues, but the screen is usually a bit warm.
It became very hot only a couple of times, when I exported a HD project for a giant pannel, or playing at Child of light ( wich was in 2D but not very well optimized I guess...). I noticed a discret yellow stain at the side of the screen resulting of that... As a freelance artist, I work all the day with this computer so I can't return it for a simple stain, that's fortunatly not a problem to work. Without this small problem I'm still happy to work with this device.  :)
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Thank you so much for all the info!
I feel you with the problem of not having the possibility to return it back... my pc was having serious ventilation problems troughout my thesis, but I couldn't get it fixed or I wouldn't be able to make it in time for the deadline, so I just tried to clean it by myself (and used my external cooling base a lot) :) Funny enough, now that I almost don't need it, it works just fine...
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haaa, problems always happen when we have too much work...
Hope your computer is Ok now! :)
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Yes, it magically went back to working normally when I no longer needed it for urgent things... as usual ^^
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Hoooh that's really interesting, especially since I thought a tablet wouldn't have as much power as a laptop/computer to process the programs. This was really nice to see the tools you're using and how you're figuring on working remotely. Are there any frustrations you're still trying to work around?
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it! 

About the frustrations...Well... for these next few days, it would be to find the good balance with my work and my family. My parents doesn't see me so often, since I'm living in another country, so when I'm 'at home',working on my computer, they don't understand I'm not available to do something else. In a way, I think it's much more easy to work in a coffeeshop or other public place beside strangers. 

An important point: that's not a tablet but a 8Giga Ram computer (So it runs with Windows 8 and I can work with all the professional programs I need) But yes, as an artist I waited for this so long, and I'm glad technology made it finally possible! It changed my life :)
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Oohh it's a computer! I hope you're able to figure out that balance soon :)
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Thanks for the kind words :hug:
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How nifty! Looks like it makes outings a lot more fun! But I'd be so messy carrying paints with me, I'd probably bring markers instead, and LOTS of pencils :D
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HAHA! Yes, it could be dangerous to take paints... Fortunatly , I don't put them directly in my hand bag, all is in a small pouch separated from the other tools. So I never had any problem!   :')

I don't use so much pencils or markers so I always forget to bring some of them. I should take one at least. Once I was working with my computer at a coffee shop, someone beside me asked me for a pen... I said I didn't have one, but he took the stylus of my computer without asking me. He probably thought I was lying... but he felt very stupid when he realized a digital pen can't write on paper!
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Say what?! How rude of him to be insistent and just take it! Serves him right for feeling stupid :XD:
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yes, totally! At least, it was fun... ;p
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