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Prairie Lord


We’ve decided to call them “prairie lords” on account of their habitat and their apparent apex predator position therein. They’re a variant of the bony-bodied class of animals that make up roughly half of the terrestrial creatures on this planet. They are ambush predators that crouch patiently in the cover of the three-meter tall grass-analogues, waiting for an unwary hyper-gazelle or other such prey. When such potential fare appears, a prairie lord strikes with its four barbed, scythe-like forward limbs. Fleshier victims are skewered and torn apart. More heavily-armored creatures are grabbed and crushed against the prairie lord’s bony chest until they burst due to the enormous pressure the hydraulic forelimbs are capable of exerting.

A fearsome predator. One is thankful that they aren’t capable of long-distance pursuits.

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If you squint your eyes, kinda looks like a headache pokemon and those grave-digging lizard pokemon had some kind of inter-species baby that just said "F this, Imma become a crustation slug with legs and swords"

In other words. I'm jealous.

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Hold on

psyduck and garchomp? Which pokemon are you talking about lolol

Very cool creature, I like how the main body seems to be encased in a thick carapace, with the limbs peaking out like it's in a suit of armor. I'd somehow expected "Prairie Lord" to be the title of a huge, elephant-like herbivore, but this fits too I guess.

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Thanks! Yeah the goal here was to make some kind of large creature with an exoskeleton and the name was an afterthought

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That's a rather scary predation tactic.

Not as scary as persistence hunting, but close.
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Pretty spooky guys, I'd be wary of the grasslands if you can
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Absolutely amazing work :D
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Thank you so much!
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You are most welcome 😁
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This is fantastic! I love the setting you crafted here with such few words, truly intriguing stuff of which I’d love to see more 
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Thanks man <3

My favorite art has always been stuff with just enough context to keep you interested so that's what I try to do. This actually part of a much bigger personal project I'm working on that hopefully I'll be able to preview more of over the next couple months, so stay tuned!
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Anytime! :D
Sweet, looking forward to seeing more!
And I totally agree, giving just enough context to be able to figure some things out but keeping some mystery intact is great! It’s a lot more engaging than just showing or saying everything 
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