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Foxy T Garden Sketch Clips I by Foxytocin Foxy T Garden Sketch Clips I by Foxytocin
Originally made as digital sketches of my stock photos for use as stencils in ArtRage 2.5. Shared here in a fat zip file as jpegs for you to play with. 33 files included; collage here represents a few. May 2009.
Everild-Wolfden Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Professional Writer
Oooh!!! Thank you! These will definitely come in handy for the image I'm doing at the moment.
Foxytocin Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
Hi, rusherdark! Pleased to meet you and thanks for the kind words. This is why I share this sort of thing....
My equipment is all run-of-the-mill. My digital camera is middle-line quaility, I go back and forth between a newer PC running Linux and an older one (now dedicated to my kiddos) that runs Windows XP. Both computers use an optical mouse. Some day soon, when I recover from getting our new computer, I wanted to try out a graphics pad too. Anyway, I am astounded at what a person can do for not much money, as far as software goes. I use Picasa for 90% of my photo's free. To make the stencils, I import the photos into a program called IntoCartoon: [link]
For digital painting, I use ArtRage 2.5: [link]
And, what's more, all of the above things, i.e. photo editing, stencils and painting can be done with a free open-source program called The Gimp. What I've found, however, is that the little programs that don't cost much are often worth it just because they are so handy and knock out a bunch of steps necessary in the gimp.

The one big limitation for me is how difficult it is to sketch with an optical mouse....hence, the desire for a graphics pad and hence my current infatuation with stencils.

The one real splurge that was worth it is my new's a flat screen, 15", great quality and so much more of a pleasure to work with than with my old TV-style CRT. Also, because my old computer was slower, ArtRage dragged a bit with more complex actions. However, it was possible to use it...just had to be more patient.
Oh, and to give credit, all you have to do is provide a link back to here if you use the stencils anywhere anyone else might see them. It's a good way to spread the love.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

rusherdark Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
So many questions to ask...don't know where to start. First, your work is incredible. Stunning. I don't post much here... I usually look, and all of this blows me away. Definitely don't put anything I've scrawled here either...pretty elementary stuff. This is all new to me. I get very frustrated working on a laptop with a tracking-pad mouse...a defective one at that.Thanks for the do I give 'credit' to where I got them? Where do I learn how to do some of these things I see? Does this call for a graphics pad and better software? Much to learn. Thanks.....rd
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