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Like a fish on land

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I know I never posted Voltron before but eh, I found sketches of an old AU and wanted to touch up one. Not usually a fan of mer!AUs but I like mer!characters so when space mermaids turn out to be canon heck yeah I like it

I named it the Incredibly Inconvenient AU and it went like canon except there’s no Lance until the mermaid planet where he’s part of the rebels. Allura and Coran piloted the Blue Lion until then but it was Inconvenient bc they were needed for the wormholes and stuff + Blue was really picky until she was dumped with Hunk on this planet and went like “yes, this one” but the crew was like “but he has no legs” and Blue was like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hence Lance flopping all over the castle like a fish on land. Yes, it’s INCREDIBLY INCONVENIENT also Keith is a furry too i guess

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